tips for spring cleaning

Honest tips for spring cleaning during quarantine

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tips for spring cleaning during quarantine

I love a good spring clean up! The weather starts to warm up and I can feel the change coming. In fact, I love spring cleaning so much that I shared tips for spring cleaning with ideas for getting your spring cleaning done here. I have even created a handy cleaning printable checklist that you can download. Go ahead and get that below.

Now, let’s get real. That printable checklist I just shared? It’s not getting done the way I’d like this year. The current pandemic has put a wrench in my normal spring cleaning plans. I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Spring cleaning is hard right now because:

  • Kids are home! We all know how that’s going. As parents we love the extra time with our kids, but we are also overwhelmed by having them underfoot all day. They can’t get out to play with their friends or attend activities. They are home from school. That time home also means that they are creating all the messes!
  • Doing just the regular cleaning is hard. Let’s face it, you don’t have a lot of extra time for spring cleaning. The pile of dishes in the sink grows exponentially now that you have everyone home. The laundry is stacking up. Toys are out. Experiments and craft projects abound. Keeping up with the regular stuff right now makes you amazing! Everything else is just icing on the cake.
  • You are trying to do too much. It makes sense, you are working from home. Your kids are “home schooling”; which means you are also babysitting their work online and teaching them things they don’t understand. I’m guessing you are also trying to find or create fun activities to keep everyone from getting bored. You have a lot to do and deep cleaning your pantry might not be a priority.

We’ve established that spring cleaning this year might look different. I say might because there are some amazing people who are going to bust through it. They probably don’t even need tips for spring cleaning. If you are one of them, good for you!

If you (like me) are not going to make it through that giant spring cleaning list, keep reading. These spring cleaning tips are for you. Because spring cleaning during quarantine, or any other crisis, is tough. Let’s talk about what might be reasonable to expect from yourself during this uncertain time.

Tips for spring cleaning during quarantine

Are you ready for my honest tips for spring cleaning? Here goes!

Keep up with the bare essentials.

I already said it but let me say it again. Being quarantined isn’t easy. Our families aren’t designed to stay inside all day, playing and working in a confined space.

Your home might be trashed. You probably feel like you can’t get ahead. I feel you. My house feels the same way. I clean the house in the morning, and it looks like a disaster by dinner. Most days I feel like I’m failing as a homemaker.

If all you can do this spring is keep up with the bare essentials, that’s okay. Your house won’t fall down. There are no spring-cleaning police. It’ll be fine. You can just do it in the fall when the kids go back to school (fingers crossed).

Make a list and Prioritize

I clean my blinds every six months. If I don’t, they annoy me. They get dusty and grimy. If I have extra time for spring cleaning this month, I’m going to start with my blinds.

Maybe your blinds don’t bug you. That’s okay! Start by cleaning the baseboards or shampooing the carpets. Choose the number one thing that you want done this spring and tell yourself that it’s okay if that is all you accomplish.

Need ideas for for making a list? Download my printable cleaning checklist.

Have your family help.

You know all those extra bodies that are home from school and work? Put them to work. If you’ve got older kids, ask them to help with rotating mattresses or washing windows. Younger kids can dust or wipe down dingy kitchen cabinets. Reward everyone with lavish praise and plenty of treats. Get your spouse involved too. People need stuff to do. Let them help you!

Get clothes ready for warm weather

tips for spring cleaning

Warmer weather is coming. Here in Idaho the weather likes to change it’s mind every few days until June (or later). But eventually that warm weather will come, and it’ll stick around. Get ready for it.

Move the extra coats and heavy winter boots out of your everyday workflow. Replace them with sandals or flip flops. Find your sunglasses. Place your shorts near the front of your drawer. Take notes so you can replace the things that are worn or don’t fit your family.

Prepare your house for warm weather

tips for spring cleaning

Warm weather doesn’t just mean changes in your wardrobe. Your house will need a few tune-ups too. Double check your air conditioning system. Dust your ceiling fans. In your bedroom, stow away the heavy comforters and replace them with lighter blankets. Make sure you have screens on your windows. If you have one, get your garden ready for summer. Plant a few flowers if you want. 🙂

Sanitize everything

If there ever was a time to run around your home in a paranoid Lysol-infused haze, this is it. When was the last time you wiped down all your doorknobs? Doorbell? Light switches? How about your car? Have you disinfected the steering wheel lately? Don’t be shy. Clean up those germs!

Splurge on paid help (eventually)

I know that not everyone can afford to hire a regular house cleaner. I can’t! Not to mention that we’re not inviting a lot of people into our homes these days. Even to clean. But eventually the quarantine will be lifted. Those wonderful house cleaners that have been out of work will be ready to get back to it.

If you can, splurge for a one-time deep clean of your house once quarantine is lifted. It’ll feel so nice. In the meantime, save a few dollars here and there to pay for it and don’t worry so much about having a spotless house.

Be nice to yourself

I am the queen of beating myself up. I browse social media and see posts of people using this quarantine to learn new languages, remodel their house, or do awesome things with their kids. My neighbors built their kids a playhouse in their backyard last week! Let me just say this. It’s something that I try to remind myself of every day.

Your quarantine isn’t like anyone else’s quarantine.

It won’t look the same. Maybe all you can do it just survive the day. Perhaps you love every second with your family surrounding you and you’re killing it. No matter how you are doing, be nice to yourself. Give yourself some grace. If all you do is sweep your floor for spring cleaning, that’s enough. You are enough.

Be safe friend. And if you want it, here’s this spring cleaning checklist again. You’ve got this!

tips for spring cleaning

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