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The Best Self-Care Gifts for Mom

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Do you know what the best self-care gifts for moms are? If not, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Let’s talk about what self-care means, why mom’s need it, and how saving mom time can be the ultimate in self-care gifts. We’ll also give 50 gift ideas that any mom would love! So, whether you are looking for a gift for your own mother, your wife, or a friend who is a mom, we have you covered!

What is self-care?

Self-care is a bit of a buzzword these days, but what does it mean? Simply put, self-care is the practice of taking care of yourself in order to be your best. This can include physical things like getting enough sleep and exercise, mental things like staying on top of your work, and even emotional things like giving yourself a break when you need it.

Why Do mom’s need self-care?

Mom’s, perhaps more than anyone, need to take care of themselves. After all, we have a lot on our plates – raising children, working outside of the home (or inside it!), making sure the house is clean and running smoothly. It can be tough to find time for things like exercise, restorative activities, or even just relaxing with your spouse. That’s why self-care is so important – it gives us the opportunity to focus on ourselves and our own needs, without feeling guilty or selfish.

Saving mom’s time can be the ultimate self-care gift

We all know how busy moms are – we are running around from sun up to sun down trying to take care of everything, and often feel like there is never enough time in the day. This is where saving mom’s time can be the ultimate self-care gift. Whether it means simplifying a child’s chores, hiring a housekeeper to take care of some of the household duties, or just giving mom time and permission to take a nap when she needs it – if we can find ways to save mom’s time, we are doing them a great service. And what could be better than that?

self-care gifts for mom

Ways to give mom back time may include:

*Simplifying meals.

*Gifting grocery delivery.

*Providing independent activities for kids to do while mom rests.

*Gift babysitting time, so that she can have some time alone.

If you are looking for gift ideas for the special mom in your life, look no further! Here are 50 amazing self-care gifts ideal for moms of all ages:

Honest appreciation

Who doesn’t love to be told thank you every once in a while? Mom’s are no different. Write a note of appreciation to your mom, thanking her for all that she does and letting her know how much you love and appreciate her.

Photo book service

Mom’s deal with so much mental load. One of the things commonly bouncing around in mom’s head is, “What do I do with all of these pictures?” Give her a photo book service, like Shutterfly, Chatbooks, or Blurb, so that she can easily put together a beautiful photobook of her children. Better yet, make a book for her!

self-care gifts for mom

Affirmation cards

Mom’s are their own worst critics, and often have a hard time giving themselves positive affirmations or compliments. Gift mom with a set of affirmation cards to help her see herself through kinder eyes.


Nothing quite says self care like a cozy bathrobe. Pick one out for mom that is soft and comfortable, so she can lounge around in it on the weekends. I love that this one isn’t too poofy, just lightweight and comfortable!

Shower steamers

Sure, a bath bomb or bubble bath is great when mom has as chance to soak in the tub after a long day. But what about when all she has time for is a shower? These shower steamers are the perfect solution for a quick pick-me-up in the morning or evening.

Massage gift certificate

Not only does mom need to take care of herself physically, but also mentally and emotionally. What better way to show her that you support her emotional well-being than with a massage gift certificate? Whether she prefers deep tissue, Swedish, or reflexology, she’ll be sure to love this self-care gift.


There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a good magazine and a warm drink. Gift mom with a few of her favorite magazine so that she can savor the moment when she has free time for herself.

Car wash punch card

For the mom who loves having a clean car but doesn’t have time to wash it herself, a car wash punch card is the perfect gift. Let her know you are thinking about her by giving her some “me time” to enjoy at your local drive-through car wash.

Audible Membership

If mom loves listening to audiobooks, a subscription to Audible may be just the self-care gift that she needs. Whether she’s commuting to work or running errands around town, this membership will help her carve out some precious “me” time each day.

Nail polish or wraps

Does mom want to look beautiful and put together, but doesn’t have time to go to the nail salon? Gift her with some fun nail polish or wraps to keep at home, so she can pamper herself when she has a few spare minutes.

External battery for phone

My husband has an external battery for his phone. It’s so easy to plug in your phone and stay on the go! This is on my Christmas list this year!

USB lighter

Tired of lighting candles with matches? No problem! This USB lighter is an easy and convenient way to light mom’s favorite candle or spark up her next camping adventure.


Mom doesn’t have time to vacuum! A Roomba is a great gift to help her keep her home clean and tidy. Just set and forget!

Date Night Pack

Everyone wants to feel like they are loved and pampered. If your partner is also a mom, give her a pre-planned date night pack! Add movie snacks, restaurant gift cards, and even a massage voucher. This gift is sure to take the stress out of finding time for you two to spend together.

Need ideas for dates? Read: Cheap Date Night Ideas at Home

Silk pillowcase

Have you used a silk pillowcase? They are great for your hair, skin, and even your mind. This is a wonderful self-care gift for a mom that wants to pamper herself in the evening, and get a good night’s sleep!

Essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are another great way to help mom relax and unwind after a long day. A small essential oil diffuser is a nice self-care gift for mom to have on her bedside table. I love that this one looks like a cute vase!

Breathe Mama Breathe

If mom could use some stress relief, help her out with this wonderful book. Written by a doula (someone who helps the mother during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum) Breathe Mama Breathe is full of information and techniques on how to stay calm during difficult moments as a mom. This self-care gift will surely help mom find peace and calmness in her busy life.

Fitness app

For the mom who loves staying active, why not gift her with a fitness app subscription? Whether she wants to lose weight or just stay fit and toned, there is sure to be an app that can help her reach her goals. Show your support for mom’s self-care by giving her access to the tools she needs for a healthy and happy life.

Affirmation bracelets

Help mom boost her confidence and self-esteem with some affirmation bracelets. These wristbands are a great way for moms to remind themselves that they are doing great, and to look forward to the future. This is an excellent self-care gift for any busy mom who needs a little encouragement!

Hertime Supplements

For the mom who loves taking care of herself and her family, Hertime supplements are an amazing self-care gift. These all natural supplements contain ingredients that help boost energy levels and support a healthy immune system – perfect for busy moms! Give Hertime to your mom this year as a way to show her how much you appreciate everything she does. She is sure to love it!

Flecks of Gold Journal

If mom is always keeping a to-do list and regularly feeling in the “trenches” of motherhood, she could really use a journal like the Flecks of Gold Journal. This self-care gift will help her keep track of all that she does for her family, while also finding time for self-care. Help your mom stay on track, as she reflects on all of the amazing things that she does each and every day!


Looking for a special self-care gift that will get mom reading? Look no further than Storywoth. This online service allows moms to record their life stories, and have them turned into beautiful books. Let your mom know how much you value her by giving her this thoughtful self-care gift that she can treasure forever! My husband and I have gifted Storyworth to several loved ones and it has been wonderful!

Facial mask

Help mom take some time for herself with a soothing facial mask. These masks are great for relaxing and rejuvenating the skin, and can help to combat the signs of stress, like fine lines and wrinkles. This is a wonderful self-care gift that any busy mom would appreciate! Choose from a wide range of different types of masks, or go all out and give her a spa day with friends! She is sure to love it.

Echo or Google Home

To help mom stay on top of her busy schedule, why not give her an Echo Show or Google Home? These cutting-edge devices allow mom to control everything from her lights to her music with just the sound of her voice. I love my Google Home, as it’s a great way to play music while cooking dinner or listen to my favorite audiobook.

Flower subscriptions

One of my favorite ways to show someone that I care is with flowers. And why not give mom a subscription to her favorite flower delivery service? This is an excellent gift for any busy mom who deserves some self-care! Whether she wants a bouquet of lilies, or roses and peonies, there is sure to be a florist that can help you get exactly what your mom wants.

Meditation app

For the mom who loves to meditate, why not give her access to a meditation app? These apps will help mom practice mindfulness and connect with herself in a way that is both relaxing and energizing. Help your busy mom slow down with this special self-care gift!

Ionic Facial Steamer

Help mom get her glow back with a facial steamer! These handy devices are the perfect way for moms to give themselves an at-home spa day, as they help to deep cleanse and exfoliate their skin. Your busy mom will thank you for this thoughtful self-care gift that keeps on giving!

Foot Spa

For the mom who loves pampering herself, a foot spa is an excellent self-care gift. These soothing devices utilize heat and massage to help relax tired feet, while also helping to exfoliate hard skin away. This is the perfect way for busy moms to unwind at the end of a long day! Give your mom this special self-care gift today to let her know just how much you appreciate everything she does. She is sure to love it!

Yoga Mat

If mom loves yoga, why not give her a brand new yoga mat? These versatile mats can be used for anything from meditation and stretching, to full on power yoga. And when she’s not using it, she can use the mat as a towel for her next work-out or gym session. This is an excellent self-care gift that any mom would love!

Subscription Boxes

One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is with a subscription box. These handy services send out boxes filled with all kinds of self-care goodies, like spa products and makeup. They’re the perfect way for busy moms to enjoy all of their favorite things, without having to spend hours shopping in stores! Give mom a subscription box today and show her how much you love her. She is sure to appreciate it!

Headache mask

Along with the wavetools therapy wand, a headache mask is a great self-care gift for busy moms. This handy device uses pressure and heat to help relieve tension headaches and migraines. It’s the perfect way for mom to take some time for herself and relax after a long day!

Instant pot

For the mom who loves to cook, an instant pot is an excellent self-care gift. This kitchen appliance allows busy moms to whip up meals much faster than traditional cooking methods, helping them save time and energy. It also features a number of helpful pre-programmed cooking settings for easy one-touch cooking! If mom does not already have this, she needs it!

Massage Gun

A massage gun can be a great way to relive sore muscles or relax at the end of the day!

Wireless Earbuds

For the mom who loves to listen to music or audiobooks while she works out, an excellent self-care gift is a pair of high-quality earbuds. These convenient devices allow busy moms to enjoy their favorite songs without having to worry about tangled wires or broken headphones. They’re perfect for any mom on the go!

Weighted blanket

These cozy blankets are filled with tiny beads that help to provide deep pressure touch, reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. Help your mom make restful nights a reality with this thoughtful gift!

Veggie spiralizer

For the mom who loves to cook, a veggie spiralizer is an excellent gift. This handy kitchen device allows busy moms to quickly and easily turn their favorite veggies into delicious noodles or ribbons, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Mom will love this fun and easy way to add some variety to her meals.


For the mom who loves to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, slippers are an excellent gift. These cozy shoes allow busy moms to feel like they’re walking on clouds! And with so many different styles and colors to choose from, she’s sure to find a pair that perfectly matches her style.

Bath bomb or salts

Bath bombs and salts are a great self-care gift for moms who love to relax in the tub. These fun and pretty bath accessories turn an ordinary bath into a luxurious spa experience, helping busy moms de-stress and unwind after a long day of taking care of everyone else.

Fitness tracker

For the mom who loves to stay active and on-the-go, a fitness tracker can be really helpful. These handy devices help busy moms keep track of their progress as they work towards their health and wellness goals, allowing them to see exactly how much progress they’ve made over time.

Charcuterie board

These beautiful boards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any occasion! Fill it with all of mom’s favorite treats and snacks, so she can enjoy some time for herself at her next get-together.


All mom’s need a stash of chocolate in their cupboard! This sweet treat is the perfect way to show your mom you care and that you’re thinking of her all year long. With so many different flavors and varieties, she’s sure to find a chocolate bar she loves!

Foot Heal Mask

Heals that crack can be painful and can happen to anyone. If your mom has rough heels, a foot heal mask is a great self-care gift she’s sure to appreciate! This handy device helps to gently exfoliate and soften dry, cracked feet, making them feel soft and smooth again in no time.

Dinner meal subscription kit

Dinner is one of the biggest headaches for moms! Give mom back her time, and save her tons of stress, by gifting her a dinner meal subscription kit. These kits come with everything she needs to whip up tasty food for the whole family.

Not sure if you can afford a dinner subscription service? DIY this at home! Last Christmas my husband planned out a month’s worth of dinner meals and made them into freezer meals. It was heavenly to have those pre-planned meals in the freezer on a hard day!

Water bottle

Keep mom hydrated and on-the-go with a water bottle. Whether she’s hiking, at the gym, or just running errands around town, this practical gift is sure to come in handy!


Lighting a candle can be a great way to introduce a bit of hygge into your mom’s home. This soothing and relaxing gift is the perfect way to help her unwind after a long day of taking care of everyone else. From bright, citrus scents to warm, cozy ones, there’s sure to be a candle she’ll love!

Pajama Set

Is your mom wearing the same old ratty pajamas from years ago? Treat her to a comfy pajama set she can lounge around in all year long. With so many styles and prints to choose from, she’s sure to find something that perfectly matches her style and personality!

Neck Massager

Release some of mom’s tension with a neck massager. This handy device is perfect for any mom who suffers from chronic pain or stress in the neck and shoulder area. With powerful massage nodes that help to target deeper muscles, she’ll be feeling relaxed and refreshed again in no time!

Revlon One-Step volumizer

If your mom is struggling with thin, lifeless hair that makes her feel self-conscious or frumpy, a volumizing product can be the perfect gift. The Revlon One-Step volumizer is an innovative gadget that helps to add volume and body to any hair type in just one step. With quick and easy usage, this device is sure to be a hit with your mom.

Facial roller

Has mom ever used a facial roller? They feel great and can help with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love using this facial roller to give my skin a bit of extra TLC after a long day!

All about my Mom printable

Looking for a special and heartfelt gift to show your mom how much you care? Look no further than this printable! With space to write down all of your favorite memories and thoughts about your mom, this beautiful printable is the perfect way to show her just how much she means to you. Whether you hang it on the wall or simply keep it tucked away in a drawer, this printable is sure to be cherished for years to come. Grab our printable here!

Whether you’re looking for practical gifts like a water bottle and robe, or more sentimental options like love coupons and a printable, there are plenty of self-care gifts that will help mom feel pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated. So why wait? Surprise your mom with one of these amazing gifts today!

self-care gifts for mom

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