Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas

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The holiday season is here!  What better way to celebrate than by spreading kindness? Christmas is a time for giving, and there are many ways you can give back to your community and those around you. Random acts of kindness are a great way to spread joy and positivity during the holiday season. Our whole family loves doing random acts of kindness! Our kids especially love getting involved in spreading kindness during the holidays. Here are some fun ideas for random acts of kindness for Christmas.

Pay it Forward

One of the simplest ways to spread kindness is by paying it forward. This can be as simple as pay for someone’s groceries behind you or buying a coworker a cup of hot chocolate. You never know how much of an impact a small act of kindness can have on someone’s day.

Donate to a Charity

Many charities could use your help during the holiday season. Every non-profit and charity I know is strained during the holidays. There just never seems to be enough to go around! Consider donating to a local food bank, toy drive, or animal shelter. You could also make a donation to a charity that supports a cause you’re passionate about. Not only will you be helping those in need, but you’ll also feel good knowing you made a difference

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering your time is another great way to spread kindness this Christmas. Consider volunteering at a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or retirement home. You could also volunteer your time to help wrap gifts for a toy drive or organize a food drive. Giving your time to help others is a great way to spread joy and positivity. Volunteer opportunities can also be an amazing way to encourage empathy and compassion in your children. Volunteer as a family as much as you can!

Send a Card or Letter

In today’s digital age, receiving a handwritten card or letter is infrequent. Taking the time to write and send a card can mean a lot to someone. Consider sending a card or letter to a friend or family member who may be feeling lonely during the holiday season. You could also send a card to a local nursing home or hospital to brighten someone’s day.

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Bake Treats for Your Neighbors

Baking treats for your neighbors is a great way to spread kindness and cheer. Consider baking some cookies or other treats and delivering them to your neighbors. You could also include a handwritten note wishing them a happy holiday season. These boxes are perfect for this!

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Leave a Generous Tip

If you’re dining out during the holiday season, consider leaving a generous tip for your server. The holiday season can be a stressful time for those in the service industry, and a generous tip can go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

Shovel someone’s snow

Although we all love a white Christmas, snow during the winter can mean more work for everyone. This becomes difficult for those who cannot easily shovel their own snow. Offer to help someone shovel their snow or just jump in and clear their driveway before they get a chance to do so.

Leave your change in the Salvation Army Bucket.

How many times have you ducked around the bell ringer in front of your local grocery store? Most of us don’t carry a lot of cash with us these days. Make a point to grab some cash or extra change the next time you go to the grocery store. That way you can graciously leave some change in the bucket.

Make and donate blankets

During the winter, so many people go without. Help warm them up by making or donating blankets to those in need. Our family has done this with this type of blanket before.

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Bring treats to community helpers

Police officers, firemen, and even hospital staff are often overworked during the holidays. Make and bring treats to them! They’ll love it and your kids will love being part of spoiling those who make our communities better.

Thank the most decorated houses in your neighborhood

Write and leave notes and treats for the people who have the best neighborhood light displays. Putting up fun outdoor decorations takes a lot of work! Leave the note or treat on their porch.

Leave gifts for package and mail carriers        

Set out treats or drinks for the people who help make the holidays possible. It takes a lot to bring packages to the masses! A small note of appreciation can go a long way.

Reach out

Invite single or lonely people for a meal or party. Offer to drive friends and neighbors to religious services or parties. Help people feel loved and seen.

Offer to babysit

Finding time to shop and wrap gifts can be hard for families of young children. If you know someone with young children, offer to babysit their kids while they get a few things done for the holidays!

Go caroling

It’s not very common for people to go caroling anymore. But, singing carols can be a great way to spread kindness and cheer to those around you. Show up at their doorstep, or schedule to sing carols over a video chat to someone you love who lives far away.

Leave birdseed out for the birds

Birds who stay around in the winter could probably use a boost of love and attention. Make or leave out a birdfeeder full of bird seed for your local birds.

Give away candy canes

Leave candy canes on parked cars, vending machines, and other unexpected places!

Take supplies to an animal shelter

Pick up some extra dog food, pet toys, or pet treats and bring them to your local animal shelter.

Need more ideas for teaching kindness to your kids? Read: Kindness Activities for Kids

No matter how much time or money you have, doing random acts of kindness for Christmas can be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Include your whole family and pick a few to do, or just one a day for the whole month of December.

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