non candy easter basket ideas

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for kids

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Easter is a magical time of year. It was my favorite holiday growing up as a kid. The weather gets warmer. Everyone is anticipating summer. The message of love and grace. Bunnies! I loved it! Of course, back then, I was concerned with having an Easter basket full of candy. Now, that I’m older (and a parent to 4) I have tried hard to find a good balance between a basket full of sweets, and things that could be useful or fun.

You see, Easter baskets filled with fun and exciting activities are always a hit with our kids. They love getting small but fun gifts and toys. Your child will love the excitement and variety that these Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas bring!

Crafty Easter Basket Ideas

If your kids love crafts as much as mine do, any craft supplies you throw into their Easter basket will be a winner! Try these fun ideas:

Paint by Stickers— These books of paint by stickers are perfect for reinforcing numbers for grade school kids! Our kids go through them so quickly! This Easter one is so cute!

Stickers–They are inexpensive and a perfect addition to any crafting experience. Not to mention great for helping little hand develop fine motor skills! My kids would love these “make a face” stickers!

Washi Tape–It’s easy to remove, comes in colorful patterns, and is kid friendly! I like to hand my kids a roll and let them tape to their hearts content! This Easter set is adorable!

Bubbles–Don’t forget the bubble guns! I find these are easier to work than regular bubbles for my toddler.

Coloring Books & Crayons–Kids love coloring! This Easter Unicorn Coloring Book is cute!

Play-Doh & Molds–Playdoh is perfect for little fingers. These Easter playdoh molds are great for changing up your typical play doh routine!

Etch A Sketch–Do you remember these? These classic toys would make a great Easter basket filler!

Sidewalk Chalk–Get ready to make a mess! Send the kids outside with this giant box of sidewalk chalk and you won’t see them for hours!

Drawing pad–We got our kids these drawing pads for Easter a couple years ago and they have been a lifesaver! We pull them out during church and other times when we’ll need to sit quietly for awhile.

Craft supplies–Encourage creativity with this giant set of craft supplies!

Egg stampers–These egg stampers would make a great Easter-themed craft supply!

Smencils–I remember loving scented markers as a kid! These good-smelling pencils are just as fun.

Scratch art–These are a little messy when you get scratching, but they are a pretty low-prep craft that my kids love. These Easter themed ones would be fun!

Paint set–This Easter themed paint set would give your kids a chance to experience painting with acrylic paints in a low-pressure way.

Water Magic–Give your kids these “painting” sets without the worry of stains and messes! These just use water!

Shrinky Dinks–These are a unique type of craft. Simply color the picture and then follow the instructions to bake in the oven. As it bakes, watch it shrink down to mini size!

Jewelry Making Kit–Kids love making jewelry! Make it easy with this set.

Dot Markers–These dot markers are great for little hands! All of my toddlers have loved them. Simply take off the lid and let them dot things up! It makes them feel accomplished without causing more work for you!

Easter Activity Books–change up your normal coloring books with an activity book. I have one child who has never loved coloring, but he loves these types of activity books. He would love this Easter one!

Origami–Let your kids try their hand at making bunnies, chicks, and other Easter-themed origami.

Fuse beads–Anytime we pull out fuse beads, our kids will work on their projects for hours! Try this Easter set!

Weaving Loom–Let your kids try weaving with this weaving loom.

Play foam–Anything that squishes is a big hit in our house! Try this Easter set of play foam!

Kinetic sand–There is something so mesmerizing about playing with kinetic sand! This one is Easter themed.

Clothing and Everyday Use Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is a great time to give your family little things that you might not normally buy. Things like bath bombs are fun, but not usually in the everyday budget for most families. Include them in Easter baskets! Try these ideas:

Nail art–My daughter loves it when she gets a new set of nail polish. She’d flip over the bunnies on these nail art stickers.

Soap–This peep soap is adorable! Just don’t eat it!

Lip gloss–We gifted these cute lip glosses to our kids last Easter and they were a hit!

Bunny socks–Adorable and warm!

Easter Pajamas–These are totally not necessary, but they are super cute! Easter weekend would be so comfy in these sweet pajamas!

Easter Shirts–Think how cute your Easter pictures would be with this cute t-shirt!

Hair clips and bows— A girl can never have too many hair accessories.

Earrings–These dangle earrings would make a fun addition to any Easter basket!

Bath Bombs— Bath bombs with a toy inside make bath time even more special.

Temporary tattoos–Our kids love putting on temporary tattoos! Just don’t make the mistake of letting them apply them all over their face! Scrubbing them off can be miserable!

Electric toothbrushes–With all the candy that comes with Easter, you’ll want a new toothbrush!

Bath paints–Let your kids make a mess….and then wash it down the drain!

Glitter hairspray–I’ve never wanted to have glitter in my hair, but my daughter would think it’s amazing!

Fun bandaids–I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather wear a bravery badge than a band aid. Check out these cute bandages.

Toy Easter Basket Fillers

Looking for some small or sweet toy ideas to use in your family’s Easter baskets? Here are some of our favorites!

Bouncy ball–All kids love these! We have a few of these floating around the house and my kids still fight over them!

Jump rope–Get your kids jumping!

Yo-yo–My kids love trying to get yo-yo tricks to work!

Fingerboard— I normally don’t love the look of fingerboards, but this one is cute!

Miniature dolls–My daughter loves these little dolls. There is something so fun about mini things!

Block eggs–These eggs would be a hit with all my kids. Gotta love building things!

Dino Eggs–Let your kids be destructive with purpose! Just make sure to send them outside!

Lego Easter Bunny–This Lego bunny is adorable. It would be a hit with kids of all ages!

Squishmallows–My daughter got this kitty for Christmas and she loves it.

Kites–This is the best time of year to fly a kite!

Dress up clothing— Even my 9 year old still likes to dress up occasionally! These vests look easy to put on and off.

Pop it fidget toys–We have a few of these in our bag for church. They are pretty quiet (mostly), but give the kids something to do.

Tiny toy bunnies–My daughter is so into bunnies right now. She’d love these!

Stuffed bunnies— There are all kinds of stuffed bunnies available this time of year. I love this ballerina bunny!

Hatchimals–These come in eggs and are so cute!

Slime–Are you a slime family? I know several families that don’t do slime. My kids love it though so I just make them sit at the table with it! Just don’t let them stash it in their pocket and then wash it!

Wooden egg shaker–A few years ago grandma sent us some of these shakers. They were a hit with our toddler twins at the time!

Playground ball— Our oldest is obsessed with playing Gaga at school. He constantly asks for his own ball.

Bike accessories–If your kids love to ride bikes, add a few accessories to their Easter basket! These lights are awesome!

Roller skates–As soon as the snow melted my daughter pulled out her roller skates. This is a bigger gift, but perfect for the season.

Binoculars— Get ready for summer adventures with these binoculars.

Beach toys–Get ready to spend time on the beach this summer!

Hot wheels–My three-year-old could get an entire basket of just Hot Wheels and would be totally happy!

Finger puppets–Your kids can make up their own play with these sweet finger puppets.

Walkie talkies–Our sons were given walkie talkies for Christmas. They love chatting with each other from across the house.

Slinky–These get stretched out quickly in our house, but the kids always have fun with them.

Bath toys–If you haven’t added any bath toys to your kids routine, now is a great time.

Magnatiles–These are so fun to play with! All of our kids like to get involved and create giant towers!

Easter Basket Games

Our family loves games. And we’re always trying to find new ones to play together. These Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for games are perfect for the Easter basket!

Bananagrams— This is a fun game that helps your kids practice building words!

Jumping Jack game

Puzzle–We love doing puzzles together as a family.

Uno–My boys would love this Minecraft version.

Rubix Cube

Easter Would You Rather

Spot It Jr–

Matching Games

Warm Weather Preparation for Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas

Warm weather is coming! You will end up buying flip flops and swimsuits anyway. Gifting them in an Easter basket can help save your budget and make your Easter baskets look more fun! Try these ideas:


Flip flops–I know your kids have broken or lost theirs from last summer! Stock up so you are ready for summer.

Beach towels

Bug catcher–I’m always surprised how much my kids love catching bugs with these bug catchers!

Gardening supplies–If you are planning on planting a garden, this will give your kids their own supplies (so you don’t have to share!)

Fishing supplies–We do at least a couple of fishing trips every year. This looks like a great set to get your kids started.

Popsicle molds–We go through so many popsicles every year when it’s warm. This would honestly save us money!

Swim goggles

Magnifying glass–Perfect for looking at bugs!

Pool toys

Water beads–I like to pull these out every once in a while during the warmer months. My kids can be entertained for hours with them!

Snow cone maker

Trampoline sprinkler

Silly string

Water balloons


Glow sticks–Our kids love glow sticks! When we are camping, on trips to grandmas, and during late nights!

Squirt guns

Easter Books

Add a little reading to your Easter! Here are some books that make great Easter Basket gifts:

The Night Before Easter

Bunny Farts

The Great Eggscape

The Itsy Bitsy Bunny

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt

Bunny Cakes

Happy Easter, Mouse!

How to Catch the Easter Bunny

God Gave Us Easter

Easter Walk

Hippity Hoppity Little Bunny

Experience Gifts as non-candy Easter basket ideas

Experience gifts are one of my favorite gifts to give! Give your family memories and fun experiences with the following ideas:

Kids Date Planner

Kids Coupons–Make your own, or grab ours below.

Read: Free Printable Kids Coupon Book

Zoo pass— It’s the perfect time to get out of the house and visit the animals!


Pocket knife–Just be sure to teach them the rules of pocket knives so you don’t have cut fingers.

Sensory bins–My son just got this and he LOVES it so much!

Kids museum pass–Do you have local museums or kids museums? Our kids love going to our museum nearby.

Aquarium pass–Go see those fish!

Amusement park pass–Pick a day to go when the weather gets warm, or get a season pass!

Art classes–Sign up with your local craft store. Our neighbor has hosted a few small art classes and it’s been a hit with our daughter.



Music lessons–Have you been putting off piano lesson? Guitar lessons? Add a certificate in your child’s Easter basket!


Family Movie night–Take the whole family out to see a new movie in the theater!


Summer workbooks

Experiment kit–My son got one of these during the holidays and he loved every second of using it!

Sheet music

Kids baking cookbook

Spiritual Easter Basket Ideas

Remind your family why we celebrate Easter. Include Easter basket fillers that are spiritual in nature.

non candy easter basket ideas

A book about Jesus–Teach your kids the Easter story with this book!

Spiritual Jewelry–I like to remind my kids who they are! This necklace is perfect for that!

Bible stories for kids

Easter coloring pages

Scripture Stickers

Scripture marking pens–Give them an easy way to mark the scriptures when they read!


Spiritual artwork–This painting hangs in my boys bedroom. I love it so much!


Non-candy easter basket ideas can be just as much, if not more fun than candy! I hope these ideas will help you grab a few things for your kids too!

non candy easter basket ideas

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