mother's day handprint craft

Easy Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts (Free printable)

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Mother’s Day is a great way to show your mom just how much you love her. Make her something handmade and heartfelt! A handprint Mother’s Day craft is a popular choice for kids of all ages! Even young toddlers can participate by dipping their hands in paint and making handprints on paper. Older children can get more creative and make more complex crafts such as clay jewelry dishes or throw pillows. This versatility means that every child can create a handprint craft that is age-appropriate and meaningful to them. They allow moms to see how much their child has grown and changed over time.

Mothers Day Handprint crafts also have a sweetness and sentimentality that cannot be matched by store-bought gifts. A good handprint gift just feels a little more special and fun than something store-bought. Moms love the personal touch of a handmade gift and appreciate the time and effort that their child puts into creating something just for them. Handprint crafts serve as a beautiful reminder of the love and bond between a mother and child, and they are sure to bring a smile to any mom’s face. Let’s get started!

Materials needed

mother's day handprint craft

To make handprint crafts, you will need some basic materials such as paint (either acrylic or fabric), something to add the handprints to (such as oven mitts, salt dough, stepping stones, pots, or vases), and any additional decorations such as glitter or stickers. These materials are easy to find at your local craft store, and many of them are affordable and reusable.

Handprint crafts for everyone!

mother's day handprint craft

Handprint crafts are not just for moms! Grandmas, aunts, and other mother figures in a child’s life would also love to receive a handmade gift on Mother’s Day. This is a great opportunity to involve other family members and make the gift-giving experience even more special.

Mother’s Day Handprint craft ideas:

Here are some easy ideas for handprint crafts that you and your child can make for Mother’s Day.

Handprint Flower Bouquet

This craft is perfect for younger children who are just learning to use their hands. Start by having your child make a handprint on a piece of paper. Then, cut out the handprint and attach it to a green stem made from construction paper. Repeat this process to create a bouquet of handprint flowers in different colors. You can also use our free flower bouquet printable to create your own special handprint gift. Grab that below!

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    Handprint Heart

    For this craft, your child will make a heart using their handprints. Start by tracing your child’s hand onto a piece of cardstock paper. I’ve linked some of my favorite paper below! Then, have them trace their other hand so that the fingers overlap the first handprint. Cut out the two handprints and glue them together to create a heart shape. Decorate the heart with paint, glitter, or stickers.

    Handprint Apron

    If your mom loves to cook or bake, she will love this handprint apron. Start by purchasing a plain white apron. Then, have your child dip their hand in fabric paint and make a handprint on the apron. Repeat this process to create a pattern of handprints all over the apron. Let the paint dry overnight and then wrap the apron up as a gift.

    Handprint Canvas

    For a more sophisticated craft, consider making a handprint canvas. Start by purchasing a blank canvas from a craft store. Then, have your child dip their hands in paint and make handprints all over the canvas. Once the paint has dried, you can use a paintbrush to add additional details, such as flowers or hearts. This craft can be hung on the wall as a special keepsake.

    Handprint Clay Dish

    This craft is perfect for older children who are ready for a more advanced project. Start by purchasing air-dry clay from a craft store or making salt dough. Have your child mold the clay into a dish shape using their hands. Then, have them make a handprint in the center of the dish. Let the clay dry overnight and then paint the dish with acrylic paint. This handprint dish can be used to hold jewelry or other small items. The kit below would be an easy way to get started!

    Mother’s Day Handprint Craft Card

    mother's day handprint craft

    For a simple yet heartfelt gift, consider making a handprint card. This is probably one of the easiest ways to do a handprint craft. Simply fold a paper in half and create a card. Then trace your child’s handprint and write a heartfelt note.

    Fingerprint Hearts

    Dip your child’s fingers in paint and make heart-shaped prints on a piece of paper. Write a special message in the center of the hearts and frame the finished artwork.

    Fingerprint Magnets

    Use the same technique as the fingerprint hearts, but glue the finished prints to small magnets. These can be used to hold up photos or notes on the refrigerator. We’re using this kit to help us create lots of sweet fingerprint magnets for grandma this year!

    Framed Mother’s day Handprint Craft

    mother's day handprint craft

    Make a handprint using paint or ink and then frame it in a simple picture frame. This makes a lovely keepsake that can be displayed in the home. You can also snag the picture frame below to help you get started.

    Throw Pillows

    Use fabric paint to make a handprint on a plain white throw pillow. Your child can add any additional decorations such as polka dots or stripes. This pillow can be used to decorate your mom’s room or even the living room.

    Handprint Mother’s Day crafts are a wonderful way for children of all ages to show their love and appreciation for their moms, grandmas, aunts, and other mother figures in their lives. With just a few basic materials and some creativity, children can create a wide range of handprint crafts that are age-appropriate and meaningful to them. Whether it’s a fingerprint heart, a salt dough jewelry dish, or a framed handprint, every handprint craft is a unique expression of a child’s love for their mom.

    So this Mother’s Day, consider encouraging your child to make a handprint craft for the special mom in their life. Not only will it be a cherished gift, but it will also be a beautiful memory that they will treasure for years to come.

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    mother's day handprint craft

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