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100+ Ideas for Mother Daughter Dates

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Many mothers and daughters find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to spending time together. With busy schedules, kids, work, school, and more – is there ever enough time for mother daughter dates? The answer is yes! There are so many different ways to spend quality time with your daughter. In this guide you will find 100 plus ideas for mother daughter dates that are guaranteed to strengthen your bond and help you make precious memories.

Benefits of mother daughter dates:

Whether your daughter is 6 or 60, spending time together can be so beneficial. So what are some benefits of mother daughter dates? Here is just a small list:

-Learning new things together. Learning something new is always better when you have someone to learn with. Whether you decide to learn to crochet together, or take a cooking class, you’ll have fun doing something new.

-Strengthen your bond and create special memories. The best way to create special relationships with people you love is to spend time together. You’ll create benchmark memories that both of you can reflect on for years to come. Time together also means deeper mother/daughter bonds.

– Create a safe place to share and talk about anything. As a parent you probably want your daughter to share her worries, problems, questions, or concerns with you. That sharing only happens in a safe space, and if she trusts you with those things. Spending time together helps you cultivate that safe space.

Have fun together and laugh more often. Take yourself out of the “mommy role” every now and then! We all crave fun. It’s one of the best parts of parenting. Lean into the fun!

– Build self confidence in girls with age appropriate activities that foster growth and independence. Believe it or not, having new experiences with you (her mom), will make her feel that much more confident doing things on her own later!

– A chance to get out of the house, have fun together, and make new friends!

– Give you and your daughter a break from everyday life.

Making memories with your daughter

The memories you make with your daughter will last a lifetime. Take the time to do special things together, create lasting traditions and have fun while doing it! As you spend time with your daughter, take a minute to record your fun experiences. Keep a scrapbook or journal. Make fun little videos together. Take pictures of you and your daughter doing different activities.

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You are her role model

Perhaps on of the biggest perks to spending time with your daughter is that it gives her a chance to learn from you. Your daughter is watching everything you do and listening to every word that comes out of your mouth. She looks up to you, admires you, and wants to be just like her mama!

As she watches how you interact with others, behave in public places (especially on mother daughter dates), what types of clothes/shoes/jewelry you wear – she is learning what it means to be a woman. She will mimic your behavior and conduct herself in the same way, so make sure that every mother daughter date portrays how you want her to act as an adult.

Make time for mother daughter days, don’t wait for it to happen

Every mom is busy! The best way to ensure that you have regular mother-daughter dates is to make the time. Sometimes it means sacrificing other things in your life. But when you think about the value of mother daughter dates, is there anything that compares?

Spending time with your daughter doing special activities will bring joy to both of your lives and create memories for a lifetime! Mother-daughter days are important because they provide an opportunity to bond while having fun.

Setting smart goals with your kids will help them accomplish their dreams. Mother daughter dates

100+ ideas for mother daughter dates

We put together some great ideas for mother daughter dates that are perfect for all ages: from toddlers through teens. Here is a list of 100 plus activities – enjoy!

  1. Learn a new skill. You’ll love learning to do something new. Maybe it’s learning to play pickleball, how to cook a new type of food, or create a fun craft.
  2. Take a dance class together. Whether you hit up your local gym for a Zumba class or enroll in ballet together, you’ll love spending that time together.
  3. Go to the zoo and spend time watching all of the different types of animals. Purchase a season pass for extra time together!
  4. Take an art class at your local community college – learn how to paint, sculpt, draw or create pottery.
  5. Go on a hike. Spend a day exploring nature at a local a state park.
  6. Try rock climbing or indoor wall climbing at your local gym.
  7. Visit a children’s museum and spend the day exploring all that it has to offer!
  8. Go fishing together – try ice fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishing-whatever you are both comfortable with!
  9. Go star gazing. Bring a blanket and learn about constellations by finding pictures in the stars with your binoculars.
  10. Learn how to knit together or take an online crochet class – have fun creating something beautiful that you can both cherish forever.
  11. Take your dog for a walk, then treat him/her to lunch at the local dog park!
  12. Go to a music festival, or check out your favorite band/singer when they come to town.
  13. Order in pizza and make it an at home date night!
  14. Watch a movie. Sit down together with some popcorn and watch all of the latest movies that are out right now.
  15. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood – just make sure she wears her helmet!
  16. Take photos of different things in your neighborhood – take a walk around the block together and see how many interesting things you can find!
  17. Go for ice cream – this is a classic date, but it’s always fun!
  18. Practice yoga together – take some online classes or try different types of poses to see what you both enjoy.
  19. Go on an urban adventure-plan out your day with clues that will lead you to the next place where there are more clues and so on until you get to your final destination.
  20. Take a cooking class – learn some new recipes while having fun in the kitchen with your little chef at home, or visit local restaurants that offer cooking classes and do it for free-you don’t have to buy anything.
  21. Visit an animal shelter to volunteer or take home a new pet!
  22. Do something adventurous-try zip lining, go skydiving or white water rafting – whatever it is that she’s always wanted to try.
  23. Spend the day at a paint your own pottery studio and create beautiful pieces of art together!
  24. Go to the beach and play in the sand.
  25. Have a video game night.
  26. Go to the park and play on the playground.
  27. Try a new restaurant together – go online and find something that you both would like, then make it happen!
  28. Spend time at your local library reading stories, singing songs and playing games with one another-the library is such a great place for kids to learn.
  29. Binge watch a show on Netflix.
  30. Go to a movie theater.
  31. Visit an aquarium.
  32. Learn a new language together.
  33. Have a tea party.
  34. Bake cookies or cupcakes.
  35. Get a manicure or pedicure together.
  36. Make homemade cards for friends, family members, or teachers.
  37. Start a journal that you pass back and forth between the two of you. Share thoughts, stories, or feelings with one another.
  38. Make a craft.
  39. Have a themed dinner.
  40. Go to a house of worship together.
  41. Take her out for breakfast at the local pancake place, lunch at your favorite burger joint or dinner and ice cream at the best diner in town!
  42. Build Legos.
  43. Build a fort together.
  44. Walk around your local farmer’s market– you can buy fresh veggies, fruits, meats, cheeses and even baked goods!
  45. Write a short story or book together.
  46. Write and mail a letter to someone special.
  47. Impromptu dance party!
  48. Plan a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood.
  49. Have a slumber party– order some food, have popcorn and play games all night long!
  50. Throw a pool party or take her to the closest waterpark for an afternoon of fun in the sun together.
  51. Go window shopping at different stores – just walk through as you discuss which items you can’t live without.
  52. Play a board game.
  53. Do a puzzle.
  54. Give back – volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank for the day, complete yard work for elderly neighbors or just spend time with someone who is lonely and needs some company!
  55. Read your favorite book aloud.
  56. Go shopping at a thrift store.
  57. Go to the mall.
  58. Bowling night.
  59. Make a list of things that you love about each other and read them aloud.
  60. Go geocaching.
  61. Take a road trip to visit family members or friends.
  62. Go camping. Take an adventure together- pack up your camping gear and take off into the woods for some fun in nature!
  63. Visit a trampoline park.
  64. Go to the miniature golf course and try to beat your highest score!
  65. Make snow angels.
  66. Make DIY bath bombs.
  67. Tie dye shirts together!
  68. Make jewelry.
  69. Play frisbee. Go to the park for an afternoon of Frisbee fun!
  70. Bake homemade pizza from scratch– then eat it while watching Netflix (or any other show).
  71. Plan out her future – talk about what she’s going to college for, her career aspirations and where she wants to live.
  72. Watch the clouds together.
  73. Go watch a play or show.
  74. Let her dress you.
  75. Makeover a room. Dream up plans for a new bedroom design for her and put those plans into action.
  76. Organize something!
  77. Take a nap together – even just for 30 minutes!
  78. Grocery store spending spree. Visit the grocery store and “shop” like you would if money wasn’t an issue- what items do you need? Which do you want most? Let her decide on one thing that she wants, then go get it.
  79. Do her hair and makeup together- you can even do your own while she does hers so that everyone looks their best.
  80. Build a fairy garden.
  81. Go swimming.
  82. Make homemade play dough together and then use it to make handmade gifts for friends or family members!
  83. Go on a food tour of your city – you will learn about the history behind each dish, as well as how they are made. You can even try out new foods that you might not normally purchase.
  84. Have a picnic.
  85. Sleepover in the backyard.
  86. Tell each other jokes or visit a comedy show.
  87. Look at old photo albums and/or watch family videos.
  88. Have a pillow fight.
  89. Color with sidewalk chalk.
  90. Color in a coloring book together.
  91. Paint rocks.
  92. Start a garden.
  93. Eat lunch with her at school.
  94. Throw her a party with her friends…just because.
  95. Watch a sporting event.
  96. Play hookie! Let her stay home from school and don’t go into work.
  97. Stay in a hotel together for a night.
  98. Play catch, a pickup game of basketball, or tennis.
  99. Have professional photos taken of just the two of you!
  100. Meditate together.
  101. Teach her about finances and budgeting.
  102. Plan a vacation together...even if you never take it.
  103. Sew a craft or project.
  104. Go fruit picking.
  105. Visit a craft fair or craft store.
  106. Have a fashion show.
  107. Sing karaoke.
  108. Tell her stories about your life or her younger years.
  109. Create a vision board.

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