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Kids Must Learn Card Games List

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There’s nothing quite like gathering your family around the table for a night of card games. Whether you’re playing classic games like War or Uno, or trying something new, these games are sure to keep everyone entertained. In this article, we’ll list 22 different card games that will keep your next game night exciting!

Reasons to play games with your kids

1. Card games are a great way to spend time with your kids, and they provide the perfect opportunity for quality family bonding time.

2. Playing games can also improve coordination and dexterity in your kids

3. Card games also help develop important social skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Tips for a successful card game night

1. Set clear rules before starting the game and make sure that everyone understands them. This will help prevent arguments and disagreements during play.

2. If you’re playing with younger kids, try to keep the games simple so that they don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed. Choose easy-to-learn games like Go Fish or Old Maid.

3. For older kids and adults, try introducing some of the more challenging card games on our list that are sure to keep everyone on their toes!

4. Grab one of these card holders for kids. We have had so many fights about siblings peeking, setting cards down so everyone can see, and more. These make card playing with younger kids so much easier and my family fights less during card games if we are using them!

Gamewright – The Original Little Hands Playing Card Holder – Card Game Accessory for Kids – Ages 3…
  • Designed for Small Hands: Our card holder is specifically crafted to fit comfortably in children’s hands, making it easy for them to grasp and play their cards without any struggle.
  • Easy Card Placement: The unique curved design of the holder allows cards to be easily slid in and out, giving kids the confidence to manage their cards independently.

Kids Card Games List

There are many wonderful card games for kids, and we’ve picked our top 30 favorites for your next family game night. Here goes!

card game list

Go Fish

Continuum Games Go Fish Classic Card Game Fun for Children Age 3 and Up, Blue
  • FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD: Swim with the sharks and lunch with the lobsters while playing this classic card game of Go Fish! A family favorite just got even more fun with these creative designs.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Go Fish is a great way for young kids to learn how to play cards – how to hold them, how to deal, how to read the numbers, and how to be polite by taking turns.

This is one of the first games for our kids card game list because it is so simple to use! Our kids love matching numbers and trying to figure out who has what. It has also prompted a lot of conversations about how to play “fair” and being a good sport.

Old Maid

Continuum Games Old Maid Classic Card Game – Children Ages 4 & Up
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Get everyone together for a game that is a fun, strategic game for all. Everyone can play and it never gets old. Simple and easy to understand, play again and again.
  • OBJECTIVE: A matching game involving pattern recognition and selecting cards based on strategy and critical thinking. Challenge your friends and play over and over.

Don’t be the last person holding the “Old Maid” at the end of the game! This can be played with a regular deck of 52 cards. Simply take out all the queens but one from the deck. Anytime you get a pair, you place it in front of you. On your turn the person left of you gets to choose a random card from your hand. Cards are matched and the old maid often “travels” around the group. The person holding the “Old Maid” at the end of the game loses.


Wonder Forge Disney Classic Characters Matching Game | Fun Learning Toy for Kids Ages 3-5 | Engaging…
  • FUN LEARNING TOOL: This Disney Classic Matching Game offers a fun and engaging way for kids, aged 3-5, to enhance their focus, memory, and matching skills
  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND: Comes with a clear and concise instruction manual – have your little ones playing and enjoying the game within five minutes

Memory is a classic card game where you must match 2 of the same cards to win. To play, deal all of the cards out face down. The goal is to pick up as many pairs as possible. As you find matches, you can take them and place them in front of you on the table. The player with the most matches wins. Play with a cute game like shown above, or with two standard 52 card decks.


eeBoo: Snap Playing Card Game, Easy to Understand, Instructions are Included, Encourages imagination…
  • eeBoo’s classic game of Snap! that will bring boundless excitement. Each card comes with a “snappy” rhyme!
  • For ages 5 and up.

Snap is a fast-paced card game that requires quick reflexes. Each player has an even amount of cards placed face-down in front of them. Going clockwise, each player flips the top card from off their face-down deck. Anytime your flipped card matches someone else’s card, you must yell “snap!” The person who is fastest at doing this gets to keep both cards and add them to their deck. Whoever wins all the cards wins the game.


Spoons in a Case, Spoons Game, Family Games for Kids and Adults, Travel Game, Fun Games for Family…
  • POPULAR BOARD GAMES FOR FAMILIES: It’s the spoons game that’s been loved for years by fans of family card games and kids’ games 8-12
  • FAST, FUN, KIDS GAME: Pass the cards you don’t want until you get 4 of a kind. Then grab a spoon! Be sneaky or fast, but don’t be left without a spoon or you’re out. Final player left wins the game

Spoons is a fun card game where you have to think fast and act even faster. You can play this game with a regular 52 card deck. Place a several spoons in the middle of the table. One fewer spoon than there are players. Each player gets 4 cards. The dealer picks up a card and can either pass it or put it in their deck to make 4 of a kind. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get 4 of a kind. If you are that player, you quickly grab a spoon from the middle of the table. Once one player grabs a spoon, all players race to get the remaining spoons. The player with no spoon is out.


Fun a Ton War Card Game for Kids – The Game of War Kids Game Toy Cards Size 4.7″ x 3.4″. Great Party…
  • CLASSIC FAMILY FUN Card Game, At FunaTon we cherish the good old times – when families actually spent quality time together. Great Card Games for Families. Comes with one Funaton Sticker.
  • Unlike other card games, Tha Game of War Card Game is beautifully illustrated (Dino & Unicorn) with adorable Cartoons which children can easily identify.

War is a great 2 player game! Divide a 52 card deck into two stacks of 26 cards. Each player gets a face down deck. Without peeking, players will both turn over one card from their deck at the same time. Whoever has the higher card wins both cards. If both cards are the same, than it’s war. When war happens, players deal three cards out face down. Then a fourth face-up card. Whoever has the highest face up card wins all 10. Players keep playing out cards until one player is out of cards.

Crazy Eights

Crazy 8’s Card Game
  • Bugs abound in this classic, wild card game
  • Crazy Eights Gets A Fresh New Look With The Help Of Some Colorful Garden Critters Like Bumblebees, Butterflies, And Ladybugs

You can play with a 52 card deck. Each player gets five cards, face down. The remainder of the deck is placed in the middle. Dealer turns over the top card from the stack and places it in it’s own pile. If that card is an eight it is placed back in the deck and you try again. Each eight is worth 50 points. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10 cards are all worth 10 points. All other cards are worth their written value on the card.

Starting left of the dealer, each player plays one card face-up in the pile. This card must match either the suit or the number of the card. For example, a 5 of Hearts must be played on another 5 card or heart card. If no one can play, the dealer draws a new card from the middle pile. Eights are wild can can be used anywhere.

Once someone is out of cards, they win and collect from all the other players the value of the cards remaining in their had. We like to use candy pieces or just keep score instead of money for kids!

52 Card Pickup

Great for young kids (or kids who are driving you batty). You toss the whole 52 card deck on the ground and the kids race to pick all the cards up as fast as they can. Silly, but it can feel really good to just toss those cards down too!

card game list

I Doubt It!

To play, divide the whole 52 deck between the players. Ace of Spades starts the game by placing that card in the center. Moving clockwise, the next player places all of their 2’s in the center, face down. If they don’t have any 2’s they place any cards available face down and “bluff” their way through their turn. The next player would do the same with 3’s, 4’s, and so on. Anytime another player doubts that the person actually has those cards, they say, “I Doubt It!” If they are right, the bluffer has to pick up the whole middle pile. If incorrect, the doubter has to pick up the pile. First player to get rid of all their cards wins. My kids love this game because they can usually call out each other when they are lying.

The Bears and the Bees

Grandpa Beck’s Games The Bears and The Bees | Strategic Tile Laying Card Game for Kids, Teens, &…
  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: When it comes to family fun, no one knows better than Grandpa! Brent and Tauni Beck have enjoyed a lifetime of fun and games with their family and loved ones. Inspired by the games they played with their still growing clan of 5 married children and 14 grandkids, this grandparent duo combined their passion for family time with a love of games, and founded “Grandpa Beck’s Games”. Each card game harnesses childish enthusiasm and aims toward the ultimate win, FUN!
  • A REFRESHINGLY UNIQUE GAME : The Bears and The Bees is a charming, tile-placement game, where the first player to get rid of all their cards wins! This contemplative and strategic game is one of a kind! Each of the 104 hexagonal cards is beautifully illustrated with an array of colors on each side. The various types of cards, including honeycomb, bees, flowers, and bears, add their own unique twist to the game! The Bears and the Bees is an enticing game you’ll want to play again and again.

This is a super-cute, and beautifully illustrated game. The main goal of the game is to get rid of all your hexagonal tiles first!

Beggar My Neighbor

Cards are evenly dealt between players in face down piles. The first player turns over their top card. If that card is a number card their turn is over. If it’s a face or ace card, they next player must “honor” that card by turning over “honor” cards. They should turn over 4 cards for an ace, three for a king, two for a queen, and one for a jack. If tese “honor” card are all number cards, the first player gets to keep them. However, if any of them are face or ace cards, the next player pays a new “honor” to the second player. This continues until the one person has all the card.


Regal Games Slap Jack Card Game for Kids Ages 4 5 6 7 8 9+ | Funny Travel Board Game for Families (1…
  • Classic Fun for All Ages: These kids’ card games are ideal for family game nights and playing with children and grandchildren. Ideal for kids ages 4 and up.
  • Easy to Learn and Play: This slap jack card game for kids is easy to learn and play, so even young children can enjoy it. They’re ideal for family game nights and gatherings with friends, making sure everyone can join in on the fun, no matter their age!

Play with fun kid-themed cards (above) or a regular 52 card deck. The deck is dealt completely between players and the cards are left face down on the table. Game play starts with the person left of the dealer. They play a card face up on the table. If it’s a jack, the each player tries to “slap” the jack first by placing their hand on top of it. The last person to “slap” has to keep the pile. If the card is not a jack, then the next player lays their own card and this continues until someone no longer has any more cards. That person wins!

Kings in the Corner

Kings in the Corner – The Traditional Gameplay of Solitaire with a Twist, for the Whole Family!
  • A classic card game of skill and chance, played Solitaire style
  • The first player to reach 100 points wins

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Each player has seven cards. The remaining cards as placed in the center with one card on either side flipped. You’ll be stacking cards in sequence, but the opposite color. For example, play a 7 of hearts, then 6 of spade or clubs. Kings can be laid on the table “in the corner” to begin a new pile.

Snip, Snap, Snorem

You’ll need 3 or more people to play. Deal out all the cards amongst players. Everyone looks at their cards. Left of the deal goes first. They play a card face-up on the table. When the next player goes, they must match the rank in other suits. Players can pass if they can’t. The player who plays the fourth card get to choose any card in their hand for the next round. This game is call Snip, Snap, Snorem because plays should say “Snip” when the second card is played, “Snap” when the third card is played, and “Snorem” for the last card. First person to get rid of all of their cards wins.

Forehead Poker

Forehead poker is a great 2 player game for younger kids. The deck goes in the middle. Each player takes one card and without looking, places it on their forehead. This way your opponent can see your card, but you cannot. Take turns guessing if your card is higher or lower than your opponents. If you are right, you keep the pair of cards. If you are wrong the other person gets them! Work your way through the deck. At the end, the player with the most cards wins.


Mattel Games UNO Card Game for Family Night, Travel Game & Gift for Kids in a Collectible Storage…
  • UNO is the classic family card game that’s easy to learn and so much fun to play!
  • In a race to deplete your hand, match one of your cards with the current card shown on top of the deck by either color or number.

This is the first game that we taught each of our kids. It’s great for helping them learn colors and numbers! Our family has spent countless hours playing Uno and getting mad at one another about that pesky Draw 4 card!


Mattel Games Reinhard Staupe’s Blink Family Card Game, Travel-Friendly, with 60 Cards and…
  • Race in a head-to-head competition with Blink, the lightning-fast card game!
  • Using sharp eyes and fast hands, 2 players try to match the shape, count, or color on their cards to either one of two discard piles.

This two-player game lets you race head-to-head, to play all your cards. Match shapes, numbers and more in a high speed game!

Happy Salmon

Exploding Kittens Presents Happy Salmon – Card Games for Adults, Teens and Kids, Funny Family Games…
  • BRING THE FUN ANYWHERE: This game is perfect for your next adventure. Whether at the beach, camping, or on a road trip, it offers engaging word challenges and hilarious animal charades, making it one of the best outdoor games for 3-8 players. It’s a must-have for outdoor fun and adds a spark to office parties and Halloween festivities.
  • TRANSFORM ANY PARTY: Turn any gathering into a fun-filled event with this quick-to-learn, addictive game. Ideal as a party game for adults, it’s perfect for date nights, family fiestas, and summer get-togethers. Game haters will love it!

This 90 second game is great for people who don’t think they love games (or those with short attention spans!) Each player is dealt their cards. Once game play begins, players shout to find a match to their cards. Once they find a match, they do the actions, discard the card, and repeat until all of their cards are done. First player to finish all of their cards wins!

Throw Throw Buritto

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens – A Dodgeball Card Game – Family-Friendly Party Games – for…
  • THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION: What do you get when you combine a card matching game, dodgeball, and some toy burritos? A game night you’ll be telling your grandkids about! Meet Throw Throw Burrito – the world’s first dodgeball card game from the peeps that changed your life with Exploding Kittens. It’s a party game unlike any you’ve played before. Collect cards, earn points, throw burritos, rub your game night success in everyone’s face – the card game for kids and adults you’ve been looking for.
  • A RECIPE FOR GLEE: A game where your quick-thinking skills are tested and you stand a chance of fulfilling your lifelong dream – whooping your great aunt with a burrito. The aim of this card game for families and friends is to end up with the most points at the end. Matching 3 cards of a kind gets you points. Getting whacked with a burrito loses you points.Every set comes complete with 120 cards, 2 burrito throw toys, and 7 tokens (6 Burrito Bruises and 1 Fear Me Badge). It’s one of those fun games that works for adults & kids making it perfect for any gathering.

Part card game, part dodgeball with a soft rubber burrito, this game is satisfying for all ages!

Gnoming Around

Grandpa Beck’s Games Gnoming A Round | Fun Family Card Game | Enjoyed by Kids, Teens, & Adults |…
  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: When it comes to family fun, no one knows better than Grandpa! Grandpa and Grandma Beck have enjoyed a lifetime of fun and games with their family and loved ones. Inspired by the games they played with their 5 children and 17 grandkids, this grandparent duo combined their passion for family time with a love of games, and founded “Grandpa Beck’s Games”. Each card game harnesses childish enthusiasm and aims toward the ultimate win, FUN!
  • A TIMELESS CLASSIC REINVENTED: Join the gnomes in this light strategy game inspired by the classic card game Golf. In the game, the player with the lowest score wins, just like in mini-golf! You’ll each begin the game with 9 face down cards. Lower your score by collecting negative cards or by forming rows of positive cards of the same value in rows of 3 of a kind to flip their score. Watch out for hazards like the water trap. Great for kids, teens, and adults alike again and again.

Cards are placed face down in a 3×3 grid! Just like golf, you are going for the lowest score possible!

Sleeping Queens

Sleeping Queens – A Royally Rousing Card Game
  • The package height is 1.5″
  • The package lenght is 5.6″

Be the first to flip over 4 queens, or 40 points! Invented by a 6-year-old, this game is full of all things queens, kings, knights, and even dragons!

Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game
  • Includes 108 cards
  • Rules of play

Earn points by choosing great sushi combos. Combine cards with each hand to create the best sushi menu. After each person has laid down a card face down, the whole group turns over their cards. The person with the most points at the end of the hand wins.

Whether you are looking for a quick and simple card game to play with your kids or something more challenging that requires strategy and skill, there is sure to be a card game out there for you. From traditional favorites like Rummy and Twenty-One to newer games like Switch and Sushi Go!, there is something for everyone when it comes to playing games with cards. So what are you waiting for? Grab a deck of cards and start playing today!

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