Indoor easter egg hunt ideas

25 Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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An indoor Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to bring some fun and cheer into your home this season. You don’t need to brave the unpredictable weather or worry about muddy lawns as you enjoy some quality family time in your own home. Not sure how to make it special? Don’t worry – we have everything you need right here! Read on for fun indoor Easter egg hunt ideas that will get everyone excitedly hunting eggs come Easter morning!

Why plan an indoor Easter Egg Hunt?

Indoor egg hunts are perfect for families who want to celebrate Easter without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re doing it for social distancing purposes, because you don’t have a yard, or simply because you don’t fancy dealing with mud, rain, snow, or unpredictable weather, an indoor egg hunt is a great way to have fun this Easter. An indoor egg hunt is also a great way to introduce toddlers to Easter egg hunts without the crazy chaos that happens at some outdoor public egg hunts.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Whether you are just hoping to avoid the crowds, or your backyard looks like a winter wonderland, an indoor Easter Egg hunt can be a lot of fun. Here are our best ideas:

Indoor easter egg hunt ideas

Turn it into a scavenger hunt:

Write down some clues as to where the eggs might be hidden. Hide clues in fun and unique places in your home. Everyone knows there are plenty of nooks and crevices around your home that can be used to hide things. This is a great way to get creative with your hunt and also keep the kids on their toes as they look for clues! Last we we created a scavenger hunt for our kids and they loved going from room to room in order to find their eggs. This pre-made scavenger hunt is cute or grab ours here.

Play truth or dare:

Want to make things interesting, fill the eggs with questions like ‘What is your favorite color?’ or have them to perform a dare like doing a dance. After the hunt, have each person take turns opening their eggs and completing the truth or dare.

Create an obstacle course:

Design a route around your home that requires the children to hop, crawl, climb and slide around in order to find their Easter eggs!

Indoor easter egg hunt ideas

Add exercise clues in each egg:

Place clues inside each egg that will lead the children to do a specific exercise. Have them jump jacks, push-ups, or other movements before they can collect the next Easter Egg!

Add silly fillings:

Stuff each egg with silly treats like stickers, jokes, and tiny toys. This will make the Easter Egg Hunt even more exciting! You could even make silly notes that say things like, sing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” or pretend you are a bee!

Fill eggs with puzzle pieces:

Grab your favorite Easter puzzle and place one puzzle piece into each egg. Once the egg hunt is finished, use the pieces to put together the puzzle. I love this cute Easter puzzle below!

Have an Easter Egg Relay Race:

Divide the children into teams, and have them race to find eggs in a set amount of time. The team with the most eggs wins! Each person in the team has to find an egg, one at a time, then run back to the group.

Easter egg hunt glow in the dark:

Fill plastic Easter eggs with glowsticks or battery-powered LED lights, and hide them around your home. The kids will love playing in the dark and searching for a glowing egg! This set would make it easy!

Add “coupon” fillings to your eggs:

Fill your eggs with special coupons that can be used for treats, extra screen time, kids dates, or cuddles. This is a great way to encourage good behavior and add an extra reward to the Easter Egg Hunt.

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Play hot and cold with your indoor egg hunt ideas:

This game requires one person to hide the eggs and a group of people looking for them. The hider gives clues like “warm” and “cold” as the hunters move closer or farther away from where the egg is hidden.

Indoor easter egg hunt ideas

Have them follow a yarn trail:

Wind a long piece of colorful yarn around your home leading the kids to the eggs. They’ll love following it and see where it leads them!

Color code eggs:

One of the most fair ways to do an egg hunt with different ages of children is to color code it. Simply give each child or group a color and then hide eggs in that color. That way, everyone will have the same chance of finding eggs!

Bunny hop hunt:

Need to get some extra energy out while your kids hunt for eggs indoors? Have them bunny-hop from one egg to the next! Its a great way to encourage some movement and make the day a little more fun!

Hunt for a golden egg:

Hide a golden egg somewhere in the house and have the kids search for it. Whoever finds it can get a special reward or prize!

Plastic cup memory game:

To play memory with plastic cups and eggs, set up a grid of plastic cups. Place two matching plastic eggs under two of the cups. Repeat until all of the grid is full of eggs. The kids then take turns choosing two cups and trying to find a matching pair. If they do, they get to keep the pair of eggs! Kids will have extra incentive to find matches if there are prizes in the eggs! These plastic cups would work well for this game!

Flashlight indoor Easter Egg hunt idea:

Turn off all the lights, grab your flashlights and do an in the dark egg hunt. The kids will love using their flashlights to find eggs scattered around! The flashlights will make it extra special and memorable!

Easter basket scavenger hunt:

Hide each child’s Easter baskets around the house or yard. Give them clues that lead them one step closer to finding each basket.

Hide eggs in unexpected places:

Get creative and hide eggs behind lamps, under couch cushions, or even in the fridge! The kids will love the surprises when they discover where their eggs are hidden.

Do it blindfolded:

Pick one lucky child to hunt for eggs blindfolded. Give them guidance and verbal clues but not the location of the eggs! It’s a fun twist to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

Make a treasure map:

Create a treasure map for each child and give them clues to the eggs. They’ll have fun following the trail of clues and searching for their prizes! Use these papers to make your own custom treasure map!

Reverse search:

After the original egg hunt is over, do a reverse search indoor egg hunt idea. Simply let the kids hide the eggs around the house and have the grown ups search for them.

Money egg hunt:

Keep things a little more interesting by putting coins or bills in the eggs. Kids will be eager to find those special eggs!

Make a bunny trail:

Leave a bunny trail for your kids with fun signs or clues that let them know where they can find their eggs. They’ll have a blast searching for the eggs and following the trail!

Make it a raffle:

Instead of everyone hunting for eggs, turn it into a raffle. Place slips of paper in each egg, with numbers on them that match the numbers on ones pinned to the wall. After the kids gather their eggs, announce which number won!

Write hidden messages in the eggs:

Write fun messages or clues on pieces of paper and hide them in the eggs. The kids will have a blast searching for their eggs, then discovering what message is written inside! You could also write just one letter on each egg and encourage the kids to solve the word puzzle after they’ve collected the eggs.

Funny places to leave eggs indoors

An indoor egg hunt can be extra fun because there are so many silly places you can leave eggs. Try hiding them in the dishwasher, toilet, washing machine or behind the couch cushions! They’ll have to be extra creative and use their problem solving skills to find these hidden gems! Other funny ideas include:

  • In pockets of jackets or coats
  • In the fridge in the egg container
  • Along the stairs
  • Inside toilet paper rolls
  • In the trash
  • In shoes
  • In kitchen cabinets
  • In the mailbox
  • Under a pillow
  • On the pet
  • In the couch

How many eggs do I need for these Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas?

This depends on how many people are participating in the hunt. The amount of eggs you need also depends on how hard you want to make the search, so again adjust as needed. A good rule of thumb is to have at least a dozen per child. However, you can do more or less, depending on your budget.

No matter what your indoor egg hunt ideas are, your kids are sure to have a blast! Get creative and make the hunt as fun and challenging as you want. Adding elements like clues, raffles, or hidden messages will make it extra special and memorable! Have a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt!

Indoor easter egg hunt ideas

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