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Handprint Craft for Father’s Day: Easy DIY Gift

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Are you spoiling Dad this Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a great time to show appreciation for the dads in our lives, and there’s no better way to express our love than with a heartfelt, homemade gift. A handprint craft is the perfect way to do just that!

Handprint crafts are not only a fun and engaging activity for children, but they also become sentimental keepsakes that parents and grandparents will cherish for years to come. Whether you have lots of time to plan ahead, or you are trying to pull something together last minute, a handprint craft is an easy DIY gift for dad.

Handprint Craft Basics

Don’t you just love handprint crafts? I love seeing the tiny fingerprints, the wobbly impression, and the pride my kids take in creating something unique. Handprint crafts are a creative and personalized way to show appreciation for dads. Let’s cover the basics, including materials needed and choosing the right paint for the project.

Materials Needed

When you are doing handprint crafts with your kids, it’s essential to gather the necessary materials beforehand. There is nothing more stressful than to get into the middle of this craft and have a 3-year-old with paint on their hands when realize you don’t have all the materials you need! Here’s a short list of items you’ll need:

  • Paper/cardstock or other items where you will be “stamping” handprints
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  • A sturdy surface where you can work. You don’t want to deal with a wobbly table because it’ll make the handprints harder to do.
  • Non-toxic, kid-friendly paint is vital for any handprint craft. I prefer acrylic paint unless I’m working with a specific material like fabric or ceramic.
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  • Paintbrushes in various sizes will help kids create details in their projects.
  • Bowls or plates because you’ll need something to hold the paint for dipping handprints.
  • Baby wipes or damp paper towels. Keep these on hand for quick clean-ups.
  • Scissors. For cutting out handprints or additional decorative elements.
  • Glue or tape. To attach any additional decorations to the artwork.

Choosing the Right Paint

Selecting the right paint is essential for a successful handprint craft. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying paint for your project:

  • Non-toxic: Since kids will be working with paint, make sure it’s non-toxic and safe for their skin.
  • Project appropriate paint: think about the project you are doing and adjust your paint choices based on that.
  • Water-based: Water-based paints are easier to clean off hands and surfaces than oil-based paints.
  • Washable: Accidents happen, so choose a washable paint that can be removed from clothing and surfaces with ease.
  • Quick-drying: Opt for a paint that dries quickly to minimize smudging and messes.
  • Vibrant colors: Look for paints that come in a variety of bright and vivid hues to make the handprint crafts stand out.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to creating memorable, heartfelt handprint crafts with your kids for Father’s Day. The right materials and paint choices can make all the difference in creating a memorable gift that dads will cherish for years to come.

Father’s Day Handprint Craft Ideas

Handprint Art Projects

There are dozens of sweet handprint craft ideas for Dad. Some of my favorites include making a handprint into a fish or a trophy. If you are feeling extra crafty you could even place handprints on something that Dad will use often. Some examples include:

An apron for grilling

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A tie

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A t-shirt

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  • Breathable and lightweight fabric

A toolbox

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Printable pages

Need an easy way to do a handprint craft for Father’s Day? Grab our Father’s Day Handprint Craft pages here!

Keep in mind, you’ll need to adjust your paint choices depending on what you are doing. If you are placing handprints on fabric, you’ll want to use fabric paint, but acrylic paints work great for paper or canvas!

Footprint Creations

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try doing footprint crafts for dad. You can use footprints in all the same ways you’d use handprints for crafts. They can be used to create all sorts of memorable gifts. You might even find footprints easier for the tiniest of kids because babies and younger toddlers tend to clench their fingers at times, but feet stay open and wide for easy prints.

Fingerprint Cards

Lastly, fingerprint cards are a creative and unique way for kids to express their love for their dads on Father’s Day. This is an easy alternative for kids who don’t want to get their entire hands messy. It also can make some really fun patterns to use fingerprints. You can use fingerprints to “create” leaves, flower petals, fish, and even the wheels of a car. Get creative and think about how your child could use their fingerprints to make a fun card for dad.

Creative Handprint Craft Themes

Not sure how to use handprints in a craft? I find that following a theme is a great way to help my brain find cute ideas. Let’s discuss potential themes you can use for dad’s big day.

Sports Inspired

It is always an exciting idea to incorporate your dad’s favorite sports into your handprint art. Baseball, for instance, can be a fantastic theme. You can paint your hand to look like a baseball glove, and place it on canvas, capturing the memory of playing catch with dad. Fishing is another popular theme; you could create a handprint fish scene or decorate a paper fish with handprints as the fish scales.

Nature and Wildlife

Incorporating nature and wildlife brings a sense of adventure to Father’s Day handprint projects. Dinosaur-themed art is perfect for dads who love prehistoric creatures. You can create dinosaur handprints by turning your fingers into legs and head, making it look like a mini-T-Rex. Ocean-inspired themes are also captivating; try painting your handprints in various shades of blue and layering them to form a beautiful ocean scene or seaside landscape.

  • Fishing: Create handprint fish, decorate paper fish with handprints as scales
  • Dinosaur: Turn fingers into legs and a head for a mini-T-Rex handprint
  • Ocean: Layer handprints in shades of blue for a seaside scene

Characters and Designs

Let your imagination run wild with various character-inspired handprint art for Father’s Day. Creating handprint monsters can be a fun and unique way to surprise your dad. Simply paint your hand with various colors and add googly eyes or other embellishments to create different monster characters. Other character designs could include superheroes, animals, or iconic figures that your dad enjoys.

Tips for Making Handprint Crafts for Different Ages

flower handprint craft for father's day

Doing handprints with babies and toddlers can be tricky. In our family, we’ve tried it many times and have struggled sometimes to make the print look good. But, don’t worry! It is possible to get good handprints with your kids. Here are some tips:

  • Take off clothes or have kids wear grungy clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. I know it seems like a no-brainer, but you don’t want to get into this project and then panic because you don’t want your young child to get paint everywhere.
  • Use washable paints when you can. Depending on the project, you can sometimes use washable paints to alleviate the stress of paint getting everywhere.
  • For young babies or toddlers, it can sometimes be tricky to get a nice wide and open hand. Try feet instead! Most handprint craft projects can be turned into a footprint craft. Feet are easier to get a print of.
  • Let the decorate the handprint after it dries. Add googly eyes, or other decorative elements to finish the handprint creation.
  • Allow your child to have a say in what they create. I know it’s tempting to take charge, but remember, your child wants to celebrate their dad. Let them have a say on colors, design, and more. They’ll love the finished project so much more.

Final Touches and Presentation of Handprint Crafts for Father’s Day

There are a few important finishing touches for any handprint craft . For example:

  • Add a personal message or signature along with the date. This adds a personal touch and helps Dad remember who completed the project (and when). I like to use a fine-tipped permanent marker or paint pen to write my child’s name and the year in the corner of the artwork. You can also include a short message to make this even more special.
  • Place the handprint artwork it in a nice frame in you can. This not only preserves the artwork but also makes it feel nicer.
  • If you have additional gifts for dad and don’t want to make the handprint artwork into a big thing, use handprints to make a nice gift wrap or bag. Simply “stamp” the handprints and then wrap your other gift.

Handprint crafts are a wonderful way to commemorate Father’s Day. Dad will love being able to look back and see the sweetness of his kids handprints for years to come!

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