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Easy Green Desserts for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day Treats

On St. Patrick’s Day, the color green takes center stage. Traditionally used to symbolize the lush landscapes and the enduring spirit of the Irish, today the color green tells us it’s St Patrick’s Day. You’re in for a treat with a parade of green-hued delights to sweeten your festivities. From mint chocolate delicacies and lime-infused confections to the nutty richness of pistachio treats, these easy dessert recipes encompass the true essence of St. Paddy’s Day cheer. Ready your spoons and get prepared to indulge in these effortless, merry-making desserts that promise to be the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

The Significance of Green

You’re wearing your best green clothing and decorating your space with shamrocks, but have you ever paused to wonder why the color green has become so emblematic of St. Patrick’s Day? Green can take you back to the rolling hills and lush landscapes of Ireland, known affectionately as the ‘Emerald Isle.’ Green is deeply woven into the fabric of Irish history, symbolizing nationalism and pride, especially during the Great Rebellion when wearing it became a symbol of Irish identity. Along with your green desserts, plan on snagging a few fun table settings for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

Iconikal Disposable St. Patrick’s Day Paper Dessert Party Plate, Everyone’s Irish Shamrock, 36-Count
  • Serve up the luck of the Irish when you use these disposable dessert plates from Iconikal!
  • These sturdy plates feature a green plaid border and festive shamrocks for a great St. Patrick’s Day look!

Going Green with Natural Dyes

While you can find green food dyes at nearly any grocery store, I like to use natural dyes whenever possible. You can create a nice green color with pureed spinach, adding both color and a secret nutrient boost—no one will be the wiser when it’s baked into a sweet treat. Think of ways to incorporate natural shades of green into your desserts. If you don’t feel like using fresh fruits and vegetables in your desserts, there are plenty of great natural dye options. I like these ones below!

India Tree Natures Vegetable Based Color Frosting & Decorating Set, 1.3-Ounce
  • India Tree Decorating Colors are plant-based food coloring made from concentrated vegetable colorants; They are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project and contain no corn syrup, and no artificial colors or synthetic dyes
  • Natural, dye-free frosting colors include Red, Yellow & Blue so you can create endless vibrant cookie, cupcake and cake frosting colors
365 by Whole Foods Market, Food Coloring, 1.2 Fl Oz
  • Plant-Based
  • See Side Panel For A Full List Of Ingredients

Simplifying the Sweetness

St. Patrick’s Day desserts do not have to include a day-long commitment in the kitchen. Aim for quick wins by choosing recipes with minimal steps and readily available ingredients. I like to add a little bit of green to some of our favorite desserts!.

Mint Chocolate Brownies

There are so many wonderful mint chocolate treats and desserts! Mint is traditionally colored green. Our favorite mint chocolate treat is this Mint Chocolate Brownie recipe. Read: Easy Mint Chocolate Brownies

mint chocolate brownies

Zesty Lime Desserts to Pucker Up

Let the tangy zest of limes dance on your taste buds with irresistibly zesty desserts that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Imagine the creamy, dreamy tartness of a classic key lime pie, with its silky filling and crumbly graham cracker crust. Each bite is a celebration of zesty flavor, bursting with the natural, citrusy sweetness of lime. This key lime pie recipe is a winner! This St. Patrick’s Day, let lime desserts embody the sprightly spirit of the holiday in every refreshing, pucker-up bite.

Grasshopper Cheesecake

mint chocolate Cake or peppermint Cake,peppermint mousse Cake

If you are looking for a fun, minty dessert for St. Patrick’s Day, grasshopper cheesecake is so delicious. It’s also not too difficult to make!

Green Jello Parfaits

green jello in a cup

I grew up in Utah and you do know what a stereotypical Utah dessert is? Jello! The great thing about Jello is that you can make it any flavor and color. Including green! These easy green Jello parfaits would be a fun addition to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

Pistachio Wonders: Nuts for These Treats

Homemade Green Pistachio Fluff Dessert
Homemade Green Pistachio Fluff Dessert with Pecans and Marshmallows

Do you like pistachio pudding? When I was a kid I remember begging my mom to buy instant pistachio pudding. I loved it so much! Pistachios add a nice touch of green while also adding a nice nutty flavor. I like this pistachio fluff salad recipe. Try it!

Rainbow Fruit Tray

Mixed fruits and berries on skewers. studio shot

Looking for a healthy St. Patrick’s Day dessert? A rainbow fruit tray can be a healthy and fun addition to your festive meal. Simply gather fruits in every color of the rainbow, cut, and arrange into a rainbow on a tray.

St. Patrick’s Day Candy

Not sure if you can manage a big dessert this St. Patrick’s Day? Get some pre-made desserts that fit the festive day. Here are a few of my favorites.

ZOROAOTP St Patricks Day Gold Coins, 50 Pieces Plastic Gold Coins Shamrock Lucky Coins for St…
  • St. Patrick’s Day supplies: Shamrock is classic elements for Irish St. Patrick’s Day, so they can be applied to add more festive atmosphere when you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, these gold coins are shiny and eye-catching, will create attractive visual effects when spread them on table.
  • Plastic shamrock coins: Both sides of the coin are embossed with 3-leaf clover patterns, surrounded by “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” letters, which look like real ones, the whole design express people expectations for good luck and happiness; The lucky shamrock coins are about 3.5 cm/1.38 inches in diameter, can be applied to St. Patrick’s Day table decoration, photo prop, party favor supplies and so on.
ChristieOreo Mint Creme Chocolate Cookies, 261g9.2 oz, Bag {Imported from Canada}
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  • Packable, snackable, and forever dunkable, the classic makes for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, shareable snack, or sweet treat
St. Patrick’s Day Irish Buttermints – 108 individually wrapped mints – St Patricks Day Candy
  • These festive Irish Buttermints are the perfect way to end a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Put these dinner mints out in bowls at the St. Patrick’s Day party or in the office for an Irish treat. Set them out by dessert tables to complement the cake!
  • These mints feature Irish phrases on the wrappers.
Madelaine Chocolate Solid Premium Milk Chocolate Shamrocks – ½ Lb Bag Individually Wrapped…
  • Premium Milk Chocolate: To ensure you enjoy every delectable, mouthwatering bite, Madelaine’s Solid Premium Milk Chocolate Shamrocks are crafted using fresh milk and the finest cocoa beans to create premium American-made, Swiss-formulated chocolate.
  • Exquisite Italian Foil: Each Premium Milk Chocolate Shamrock is individually wrapped in two-sided matte white Italian foil with a shiny green shamrock in the center, making it the perfect choice for St. Patrick’s Day gifts, party bags and candy dishes.
Laffy Taffy Candy, Sour Apple Flavor, 145 Pieces
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  • FRUITY, CHEWY LAFFS: Laffy Taffy is known for its authentic long lasting fruit flavors, smooth & chewy texture, and light-hearted jokes on every wrapper
Ring Pop Colorfest Individually Wrapped Green Watermelon 30 Count Bulk Lollipop Pack -Green Lollipop…
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  • SWEET SUMMER TREATS: Ring Pop Colorfest Green lollipops make delicious treats – add to birthday party favors, summer pool parties, barbeques, or enjoy as a fun summer treat!
Airheads Candy, Watermelon Flavor, Individually Wrapped Full Size Bars, Taffy, Non Melting, Party,…
  • Unwrap the fun and play delicious with a box full of only your favorite Airheads individually wrapped bars flavor
  • Perfect treat size and easy to share.
Jelly Belly Green Apple Jelly Beans – 1 Pound (16 Ounces) Resealable Bag – Genuine, Official,…
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  • Flavored with REAL apple juice for tart, juicy, fruity true-to-life flavor

As you whip up these delightful treats, remember to savor the process as much as the final product. Share the joy with friends and family, and may your St. Paddy’s Day be as sweet and spirited as the desserts you craft. Here’s to a celebration filled with laughter, love, and a touch of green whimsy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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