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50+ Simple Ways To Be A Fun Mom

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of parenting. Between juggling work, home responsibilities, and the pressure to raise well-rounded kids, it’s no wonder some moms feel they’ve lost the ‘fun’ gene. I have certainly had my moments where I feel like all of the fun has been sapped out of me and I’m tired. But, sometimes our kids need the fun mom. I would even say that there are times when it’s our job to step up the fun. So let’s talk about how to be a fun mom.

How to be a fun mom

Being a fun mom transforms not just the moments you share with your kids, but the relationship you have with them. With activities like karaoke night or a mom night out, you create unforgettable memories. Tap into the joy of parenting, embracing the silly and spontaneous, and watch how deeply it enriches your connection. Some of these “fun mom” ideas can help you get started. Simply pick one or two that sound easy and try them out!

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Play a game

Playing games isn’t just about winning or losing; it’s about sharing laughter and creating memories that transform you into the fun mom everyone adores. From board games to hide-and-seek, every roll of the dice, every found hiding spot, brings you closer together, turning an ordinary afternoon into a treasure trove of joy and giggles. Embrace the playful spirit, and watch the magic unfold, solidifying your status as the coolest mom on the block.

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Have a dance party

Just when the day seems to be dragging, surprise your kids by cranking up their favorite tunes and declaring it dance party time! It’s these spontaneous moments of joy and silliness that truly make you the coolest fun mom.

Plan a scavenger hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt for your kids not only sparks their curiosity but also cements your status as the pinnacle of fun mom. It’s a thrilling adventure they’ll cherish, proving motherhood and entertainment go hand in hand. Grab our scavenger hunt here.

Have a pillow fight

There’s something incredibly satisfying about engaging in a pillow fight with your kids. It’s a playful way to show them that you’re not just mom, but also a fun mom who will beat them with a pillow. All in the name of fun, of course. 😉

Plan a prank

Planning pranks together turns an ordinary day into an adventure filled with giggles and bonding moments. Whether it’s a harmless whoopee cushion under the coach cushion or a fake bug in the fruit bowl, the laughter you’ll share creates unforgettable memories. Just remember, the key is to keep it light and ensure everyone is laughing in the end.

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Stop worrying about the mess

Letting go of the mess sometimes can genuinely surprise your kids and transform you into a fun mom. Embrace the chaos for laughter-filled moments together. There will always be time later to clean up the mess. Let the fun moments happen when they do!

Tickle your kids

Kids absolutely love being tickled—it’s like a shortcut to bursts of laughter and joy. And for us, it creates an instant connection, provided it’s all in good fun and with respect. It’s one of those simple, yet wonderfully effective ways to play with your kids.

Race your kids

Imagine the surprise and delight on their faces when you, out of nowhere, declare, “race you!” and sprint ahead, determined to win but thrilled to play. It’s these spontaneous moments that fill our lives with joy and laughter, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable adventure.

Make silly faces

Trust me, pulling out your best silly face during a tense moment not only breaks the ice but also shows your kids that it’s okay to let loose and be themselves. They might roll their eyes but inside, they’re loving the break from all things serious.

Do something your kids love to do

Build Legos when they beg, play dolls, or dive into whatever world captivates their imagination. Engaging in their passions will help you connect with your kids and build your relationship. Also, your kids friends will think you are so cool when you know all about Minecraft or Pokemon!

Mom Dates

Making a date with your kids isn’t just about spending time together; it makes you fun. Take them bowling. Go get ice cream, or set up painting supplies to paint something with your kids. Regular parent-child dates have made all the difference in our family.

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Bake something delicious

Kids absolutely adore when you whip up delicious treats. Making a simple batch of cookies can transform an ordinary day into a memorable baking adventure. It’s that magic in the kitchen that labels you as the fun mom, showing them love in every bite. My kids and I love to use the cook book below when we bake together!

Put away your phone

Putting away your phone might seem like a small act, but it’s a powerful way to show your kids they have your undivided attention. This simple gesture means so much to your kids. Your kids want your attention and they want to see your face. So put down your phone and look them in the eyes!

Read a book aloud

Even as your kids grow, reading books aloud remains a delightful way to bond, ensuring every story told is a memory cherished together.

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Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get outside with your kids and turn a simple walk into an adventure by having a nature scavenger hunt. It’s the perfect way to explore and have fun together.

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Make slime

I can’t tell you how many moms shut down any talk of slime! Being one of the only moms that is willing to have slime means you are automatically fun.

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Don’t sit on the sidelines

Jumping in the pool? Take a dive with them. Going ice skating? Lace up. So often as mom’s we sit on the sidelines. But your kids want to experience life with you! Embrace these moments, diving into the joy and silliness with your kids.

Issue a challenge

Take a leap into whimsy with a spontaneous food fight, snowball fight, or even a water balloon fight. That spontaneity brings fun.

Tell a joke

Telling your kids a joke, or even a flurry of them, instantly jazzes up the day. Don’t worry if they’re cheesy; bad jokes somehow have their own charm. So, launch into a pun or a playful riddle, and watch those little eyes light up with laughter.

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Have a family sleepover

Imagine transforming your living room into a cozy fortress of blankets and pillows, inviting an atmosphere where laughter fills the air. A family sleepover is an unparalleled way to create memories that stick.

Give your kids a piggy back ride

Even my nine-year-old twins love getting a piggy back ride. As long as you are able, do the piggy back rides!

Have a pajama day

Imagine turning an ordinary day into a whimsical adventure, all from the comfort of your own home. Have a pajama day where everyone stays in their comfy clothes, transforming mundane routines into delightful moments. It’s a simple pleasure that adds a spark of joy to both your life and your kids’, proving that fun doesn’t always require an elaborate plan. The bonus? You get to revel in the coziness of your pajamas all day long!

Make a craft

Kids love crafts. They’ll adore you for diving into the glue, glitter, and paint alongside them. Crafting isn’t just about the mess; it’s about the memories.

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Play a video game with your kids

Playing video games with your kids not only makes those moments thrilling but transforms you into the coolest mom. Their excitement is priceless, and genuinely, they’ll see you as a superstar in their vibrant, playful world.

Let them skip school

Sometimes, letting them skip school for a day just because can be an unexpected delight. Whether it’s for a surprise adventure or simply to enjoy some unexpected free time together, it’s okay. Make it a rare but memorable treat.

Keep a shared journal together

Have you heard of a mommy and me journal? It’s a wonderful method for your kids to share anything with you, fostering a unique bond and open communication.

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Do a spa day for your kids

Transforming your bathroom into a magical spa is as simple as adding a bubble bath, some glow sticks to make the water shimmer, and gently rubbing their feet to soothe them into relaxation.

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Help build a couch fort

Gather every blanket and pillow you can find, and let’s transform your living room into a fortress of fun. Watching their imagination come to life as we construct this cozy haven together is truly the best part. It’s moments like these that remind us, it doesn’t take much to be the fun mom — just a little creativity and willingness to dive into the world of make-believe.

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Hold themed dinner nights

Have you ever tried a themed dinner night? We love Taco Tuesdays, International Eats Weeks, and Soup Sunday! Engaging in these fun culinary adventures together helps you to connect with your kids over their favorite dishes and new cuisines.

Make ice cream sundaes

Gathering all of their favorite toppings and watching their eyes light up makes crafting ice cream sundaes together so fun! I love these sweet ice cream bowls.

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Have a paper airplane contest

Teaching your kids how to craft the perfect paper airplane transforms an ordinary afternoon into a thrilling competition. Once you’ve mastered the art of folding, challenge them to a contest to see whose design soars the highest or farthest.

Work out together

Grabbing our yoga mats, you and I find our zen, laughing at our wobbly tree poses. Or, let your teenage boy lead, teaching us the ropes of weight lifting, turning a workout into a bonding session we won’t forget.

Do a movie marathon

Imagine curling up with your kiddos for an epic movie marathon. Whether it’s diving into the magical world of Harry Potter or another beloved series, these moments create memories together.

Take them on a bike ride

Imagine the wind in your hair and the laughter of your kids trailing behind you as you all embark on a bike ride together. Not just any ride, though. Why not plan a longer journey to a thrilling destination? It’s the perfect blend of adventure and bonding.

Create art together

Creating art together is an exhilarating way to bond and tap into your fun mom persona. Whether it’s painting portraits in the backyard or laughing through a local art class, these moments of creativity forge lasting connections and memories. Let your fun mom flag fly high as you both discover the joy of creating something beautiful together.

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Take your kids with you

Running errands? Take one (or more) of your kids with you! Better yet, grab a snack afterwards. Transform mundane tasks into little adventures.

Cook their favorite meal together

Picking their favorite meal and inviting them to join in the cooking process not only teaches them valuable skills but also makes for memorable, hearty laughs and a deliciously fun bonding experience. We’ve been using this cookbook to cook meals with our kids.


Take them on an adventure

Take your kids on a hike or to a new park. Or even find a new place to explore in your neighborhood or community. Our kids love when we show them new places.

Make them taste test something

Invite a burst of laughter into your kitchen by organizing a taste test extravaganza. Lay out an array of different foods, turning dinner into an adventure. Together, rate each dish and discover new family favorites, bonding over each surprising bite. We’ve done taste tests on sodas, chips, pies, and even Oreos! It’s a ton of fun and no one will say no to food!

Sing loudly

Sing loud. Even if you are bad. Especially if you are bad. They might roll their eyes but they’ll love it secretly.

Make a movie together

Imagine the fun of planning out a video script with your kids, diving into creativity together. Helping them film their very own movie can turn an ordinary afternoon into an unforgettable adventure.

mom carrying daughter on her back, dressed as super heros

Surprise them

Imagine the look on their faces when you, usually the enforcer of rules, suddenly suggest an impromptu kitchen dance-off or a late-night movie marathon. The shock and delight in their eyes will remind you why breaking the predictability mold every once in a while is not just good, it’s essential for being a vibrant, fun mom.

Serve dessert first

Just when you think it’s time for greens and the hearty part of dinner, surprise them by sliding a plate of warm cookies their way. Trust me, it’s a game-changer; they’ll absolutely adore the twist.

Go for a picnic

Grabbing a blanket, packing a basket with yummy food, and finding that perfect spot under the sun can turn any ordinary day into an adventure. Also, nothing can cure boredom or sadness like food and time outside!

Learn slang

Diving into the world of slang might have you rolling your eyes, but imagine the look on your kids’ faces when you drop phrases they thought you’d never know. Take a moment to learn their slang, and watch their surprised reactions when you casually throw in a “Got it, bruh?” during dinner. It’s playful, it’s fun, and yes—a tad embarrassing for them, but that’s half the joy. Being a fun mom sometimes means stepping into their world, even if it’s just linguistically.


Grab those crayons and dive into a world of color with your kids. It’s not just about filling in the lines, it’s about laughing, sharing, and creating memories together. Being the fun mom means joining in on the simple joys, and what’s simpler and more joyful than a coloring session that sparks both of your imaginations? Let’s make today a vibrant masterpiece.

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Play dress up

Dressing up like a princess with your daughter makes you pretty awesome. When my daughter was younger, we both dressed up as princesses and went out to eat. It was so much fun for both of us. Similarly, donning a costume at Halloween. Remember, life isn’t about sitting on the sidelines. Your kids will love to see you have fun too!

Schedule fun

Sometimes, spontaneity needs a little nudge. If you’re feeling stuck in a mom-rut, grab that calendar and pencil in your next adventure. It’s a simple step that promises big laughs and even bigger memories.

Go for a walk

Grabbing your sneakers and getting outside for a walk with your kids can turn any mundane day into an adventure. Trust me, you’ll all end up smiling and feeling more connected.

Invite their friends over

Opening your home for your kids to invite their friends over is one of the best ways to connect with your kids, get to know their friends, and be fun. You’ll be amazed at how a simple playdate can fill your home with laughter and create unforgettable memories for your children. It’s about crafting those joyful moments that bond them closer not just to their friends, but to you as well. So, go ahead, and say ‘yes’ to those extra giggles and footsteps in the house. Just make sure to load up on extra snacks!

Watch what they want to watch

Embrace their interests, even if it means a Pokemon marathon. You’ll be the coolest.

Be available

Being available to your kids every day, even when it’s tough is one of the best gifts you can give them. Make an effort to be around when they are home. Put away distractions and technology so that you can spend some time focusing on them.

Wrapping It Up

Being a fun mom doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve listed 50 things you can do, but you don’t have to do all of them to transform yourself into a fun mom! Pick a few to try and see how it goes. You might like some of them more than others…and that’s okay! Keep trying and you’ll have more fun, as well as connect to your kids!

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