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Free Printable Kids Coupon Book

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It’s so easy for kids to accumulate things. It seems like they get toys, trinkets, and “stuff” for every little event. They get it from friends, teachers, extracurricular activities, and even us (mom and dad). We accumulate and accumulate until we reach our breaking point. The kids can’t keep their rooms clean and we feel frustrated with all the clutter. To combat this intense focus of getting more things, our family has recently started doing more experience gifts.

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We want our kids to know that not every valuable thing is something you can hold in your hand. More importantly, that the most valuable gift we can give them is the gift of our time. And so, the kids coupon book was born.

At first it was just a collection of little papers. We let our kids earn extra screen time or a late night with mom and dad. We would write it out on a paper with a Sharpie so that they could cash it in when they were ready to use it. Those Sharpie-printed papers always came back to us mangled and loved in anticipation of fun to come.

Now, it is a full-fledged printable coupon book with gifts that don’t take a lot of time, money, or effort from us. All of the gifts in this kids coupon book are experience-based. Our family loves it.

Why kids (and parents) love it

Although this is geared towards kids, it’s really a family coupon book (shh! Don’t tell!)

My kids like to have a little control. They want to be able to hand my husband or I a coupon and ask for screen time or a treat at the store. These coupons put your kids in the driver’s seat. We let them cash in coupons when they want (within reason of course).

As parents, we love that we have a good reason to say yes to things that we would probably do for them anyway.

Free printable coupon book

This free printable coupon book is a step up from Sharpie written papers. It’s holiday neutral so you can use it any time of the year (although it makes a great stocking stuffer). We have done all the hard work for you. Get your copy below!

Kids Coupon Book

Get your free printable kids coupon book.

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    Coupon book ideas for parents:

    • Extra Screen time
    • Bake a Treat
    • Make a Craft
    • Yes Day!
    • Free Chore Pass
    • One Treat at the Grocery Store
    • Trip to the Park
    • Dance Party
    • You Pick Dinner
    • Date with Mom
    • Date with Dad
    • Ice Cream Trip
    • Stay Up Past Bedtime
    • Movie Date
    • Write your own


    Making this coupon book is so easy. Here’s how.

    • Print the pages. If you can print the pages on cardstock paper that will make the coupons a little more sturdy.
    • Cut out the coupons.
    • Paper punch and bind with string/ribbon OR leave loose and place the coupons in an envelope. You could also use a loose leaf binder ring like this. We don’t recommend stapling the coupons together as you have to rip things up to get them apart later.
    • Gift it to your child for a birthday, holiday, or just because. You could even have them earn it.

    Printable coupon book as an inexpensive gift

    This coupon book is an inexpensive gift for kids. Although a few of the experiences could cost you some money, most are free. That’s the beauty of using a kids coupon book. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be fun or memorable. Your kids will remember the coupon book far more than more “stuff” that will get broken or discarded in a week.

    Kids Coupon Book

    Get your free printable kids coupon book.

    You’ll also be signing up for our newsletter.

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