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Bonding Activity Ideas for Daddy Dates with Your Son

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Father-son dates are a great way to bond with your child and create lasting memories. They offer fathers the opportunity to teach their sons about life, manhood, and how to navigate through relationships. Here are some ideas for fun bonding activities that you can do together with your son on your next daddy date!

Why daddy dates with your son are important

Father-son dates provide quality time for you to focus on your son. It’s time to be together without anything else interrupting. These bonding experiences are great for helping you communicate, spend time with, and better love your son.

Father son date ideas

If you are having a hard time thinking up ideas for bonding activities with your son, look no further! We have a list of activities that are sure to please both you and your son. Try these fun ideas:

Breakfast date

Breakfast dates can be a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Load up on all the bacon and eggs you can eat, and then head to the park for a game of catch or frisbee.

Visit a museum

Museums are a great way to learn about new things and have fun at the same time. Find a museum that focuses on something your son is interested in, such as science or history, and spend the day exploring.

Go fishing

Fishing is a classic father-son activity that can be both fun and relaxing. Pack a lunch to eat by the lake, and spend the day bonding over trying to catch the biggest fish.

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Getting out to the movies together can be so fun! Skip the movies your wife or daughters might enjoy and go see that action-packed thriller or hilarious comedy you’ve been wanting to see.

Sporting event

Some of my husband’s favorite memories with his dad involve watching football games and eating hotdogs in the stands. If your son is into sports, buy tickets to a game and enjoy some quality time together.

Cook something together

It seems like all boys love food! Do you share a love of cooking with your son? Plan a meal together that includes all your favorites. Take your time in the kitchen, and enjoy bonding over a shared love of food.

Ice cream date

What could be better than a heaping bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day? Head to your favorite ice cream shop and enjoy some time together while indulging in a sweet treat.

Camping trip

Our boys love their “boy’s trip” camping trip with dad every summer. It’s the highlight of the summer for them. If you and your son are the outdoorsy type, plan a camping trip together and enjoy all that nature has to offer.


Cool down at the pool or lake with a refreshing swim. Take turns diving for treasure or playing Marco Polo. Keep it easy by packing a life jacket and plenty of snacks.

Go for a drive

Sometimes the best bonding can happen in the car. Turn up the music and go for a drive with no destination in mind. Talk, sing, and enjoy each other’s company while taking in the scenery.

Scavenger hunt

There are so many fun ways to enjoy a scavenger hunt. Plan a photo scavenger hunt, a scavenger hunt around town, or even just snag our Nature Scavenger Hunt for free here!

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Build something together

Whether it’s a gingerbread house, a model car, or a fort out of blankets, building something together can be a fun way to bond. Use your imaginations and see what you can create!


Get outside and get moving! Find a local hiking trail and explore together. Be sure to pack sunscreen, water, and snacks to keep your energy levels up.


Another favorite activity that my husband remembers doing with his dad growing up is golf. If you and your son are golfers, hit the green for a round or two. If not, consider mini golf as a fun alternative. Even our 3 year old son has loved playing golf!


We love going bowling as a family! It’s always a good time. If you and your son are looking for a competitive activity, give bowling a try. You could even bring along a few friends and make it combined father-son double date.

Kids choice

When was the last time your let your son choose the activity? This can be a great way to bond, and you might just find that you enjoy doing what he loves too. So sit back, relax, and let your son take the lead for once.

Video games

If your son is into video games, spend some time playing his favorite game together. You may even have a hidden talent for it (or not). Either way, it’ll be fun spending some time in his world.


Are you ready for a throwback to your younger days? Take your son to the arcade and enjoy some classic arcade games. We love playing air hockey and Skeeball!

Laser tag

Laser tag is the best! Our boys get so into it! It’s a great way to get active and have some fun together. This is a fun activity to bring along some other father/son duos as well!

Blanket fort

Sometimes the simplest activities are the best. Build a blanket fort together and enjoy some quality time inside. Once inside you can read, watch a movie or just tell silly stories. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand!

Paint ball

Ready for a little friendly competition? Paint ball is a great way to bond with your son while also enjoying some friendly (or not so friendly) competition. Just be sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.


Need a free, fun, and educational activity to do together? Head to your local library! You can find books, movies, and even classes that you can enjoy together. You could even pick out a book or two to read together!


If you and your son share a love for music, consider going to a concert together. You can see your favorite band or artist live and enjoy some time together. This is a great activity for older sons as well.

Play catch

Don’t overthink it. A daddy date with your son doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as playing catch in the backyard. You’ll both get some fresh air and enjoy each other’s company. So grab a ball and head outside!

Model rockets

This is a great activity for fathers and sons who love science! You can build the rockets together and then launch them. This is a perfect activity for a sunny day.

Work on the car

My father still treasures the time he and his dad worked on his old truck when he was a teenager. It was a great way for them to bond and spend time together. If you and your son are into cars, consider working on one together. You might just make some great memories (and maybe even fix something!).

Road trip together

Take a road trip! Be together and explore new places! You can make it a short day trip or even plan a longer vacation. Just be sure to pack snacks and enjoy the ride!


Another great way to spend time together is by volunteering. You can find a local organization that you’re both passionate about and give back to the community. This is a great way to teach your son the importance of contributing to the world.

Skiing or snowboarding

If you and your son love the winter, hit the slopes together! Explore the winter weather and stay active. Just be sure to dress warm and take breaks often.

Find a new hobby

Do you have a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try? Why not do it with your son! This is a great way to spend some time together and try something new. You never know, you might just find a new favorite hobby.

Grill something

Nothing says, “I am man!” like grilling! This is a great activity for a sunny day. You can grill your favorite foods and enjoy some quality time together. Fire up the grill and get cooking! This cookbook would be a great place to start!

Car show

Is there a car show coming to town? This is a great activity for fathers and sons who love cars. You can walk around and look at all the different types of cars. And maybe you’ll even find your dream car!

Plant a garden

Planting a garden is a long-lasting activity that will keep you active all summer long. You can plant your favorite flowers or vegetables and watch them grow together. This is a perfect activity to do in the springtime. This gardening book is a great way to get started!

Gardening for Kids: Learn, Grow, and Get Messy with Fun STEAM Projects
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Teach him woodworking

Do you love to work with your hands? You can teach your son how to use different tools and make something together. Have your son pick out something he’d like to build together or pick up an easy kit like this one.

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Visit an archery range

Spend time practicing your aim and even compete against each other as you learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Just be sure to follow all the safety rules.


Our boys love go-carting and dad is the perfect person to take them! You can spend some time racing around the track and see who can finish first.

Visit a batting cage

Do you and your son love baseball? Spend some time practicing your swing and see who can hit the most home runs.

Board games

Spend some time playing your favorite board games! Learn a new game, or play an old favorite. See who can win the most. Bonus points if you teach your son to shuffle cards! This is a perfect activity for a rainy day. Our family loves this game right now!

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If you love to explore, take your son on an adventure. You can spend some time looking for hidden treasures. Look up your geocaches ahead of time so you know approximately where you are going. It’s kind of a let down when you can’t find it!

Go stargazing

Stargazing is fun for all ages! Younger kids will love the chance to stay up late and see the stars. You can teach them about the different constellations and maybe even spot a shooting star.

Race RC cars

Pick up inexpensive RC cars (you might even have some laying around). Grab plenty of batteries and try racing them outside against each other!

Go to the fair

Do you have a county fair nearby? This is a great activity for fathers and sons. You can walk around, eat fried food, and ride the rides. Your son will love the sights and sounds of a county fair.

Walk the dog

Daddy dates don’t have to be complicated. Ask your son along while you walk the dog. This is a great way to get some exercise and spend some quality time together.

Prank a friend

If you and your son are up for some mischief, try pranking a friend. Just be sure to keep it safe and not too mean. Your son will love getting to play a trick on someone.

Visit an amusement park

Ready to go on the biggest, fastest, or scariest rides? An amusement park is full of all the things you and your son will love! Stay hydrated and take breaks often!

Build Legos

Time to get creative! Building Legos is a great activity for fathers and sons. You can build anything you can imagine. Clean up when you’re done so you don’t step on any Lego pieces later.

Teach him to build a sandcastle

Head to the beach for some fun in the sun. But while you are there, don’t forget to build a sandcastle together! You can teach your son how to build the perfect sandcastle, complete with giant mote!

Have a water balloon fight

Looking for a way to cool off? Have a water balloon fight! Every son in the history of the world has wanted to pelt their dad with a water balloon! Just be sure to clean up when you’re done so you don’t leave any water balloons behind.

Make homemade pizzas

Love pizza? Then this activity is for you! You and your son can make homemade pizzas together. Just be sure to have all the toppings ready so you can add whatever you want.

Bake cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Pamper that sweet tooth and bake some cookies together. You can even decorate them however you want. Just be sure to have a glass of milk handy.

Go the skateboard park

Do you or your son love to skateboard? Spend some time practicing your tricks and see who can do the most. Don’t forget to wear your safety gear!

Movie marathon

Do you have a series of movies that you or your son love? Plan a movie marathon of movies that you’ll both love. Maybe Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Get a haircut together

This is a great activity for father and son bonding. You can both get new haircuts, or just get your hair trimmed. You can even go to a barber shop that has old-fashioned chairs and give each other a shave!

Take a class together

Do you have a hobby that you love? Why not take a class together and learn something new? This is a great way to bond and spend some quality time together.

Fix something

Is there something around the house that needs to be fixed? Encourage your son to help you get it done! This is a great way to teach him how to use tools and follow directions.


Is there a zoo or aquarium nearby? This is a great place to spend the day together. You can learn about all the different animals, and see them up close.

Ride bikes

This is a great activity for getting some exercise. You can ride bikes together, and explore your neighborhood or a nearby park. Just be sure to wear your helmets!

Picnic in the park

Plan a picnic in your backyard or at a nearby park. This is a great way to relax and spend some time together. Pack an easy meal and drinks!

Tips for success:

There are many things you can do to increase your chance for successful daddy dates. Try the following:

Keep it about the fun!

Hold off on the lectures, long work projects, or other things that might not be fun for your son. The goal is to spend some quality time together, so make sure you’re both enjoying yourselves.

Pick something your son will enjoy

Think about what your son likes to do and pick an activity that he’ll enjoy. This way he’s more likely to want to spend time with you again.

Be patient

Some activities might take some time to get used to. If your son is having trouble, be patient and try to help him through it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

If you’re not sure what to do, don’t be afraid to try something new! You might just find a new favorite activity that you can do together.

Put down your phone

It can be tempting to want to document every moment, but try to put your phone down and enjoy the time you’re spending together. You can always take pictures later!

Doing daddy dates with your son is a great way to bond and spend some quality time together. There are many different activities you can do, so pick something that you both will enjoy. And don’t forget to put down your phone and just enjoy the moment! Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful! 🙂

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