family summer bucket list ideas

100+ Family Summer Bucket List Ideas to Keep You Busy This Summer!

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Summer is coming! Do you have plans for all the fun your family will have? Wide open schedules can make summer feel like you’ve got all the time in the world to have fun as a family. But, if you aren’t careful, those long summer days will slip away and you’ll realize that you haven’t done nearly as much as you wanted to do! Creating a list of family summer bucket list ideas can help you prioritize fun with your people this summer.

The first thing that my family does each summer when school is over is to make a Summer Bucket List. It’s our favorite way to put the focus on fun and being together. Not everything on our lists gets marked off, and not every activity goes as planned (I’m looking at you 5 gallon cooler of homemade root beer my kids dumped in our kitchen a couple of years ago). But, we love the bucket list. Try it! I think your family will love it too.

100+ ideas for your family summer bucket list:

family summer bucket list ideas

1. Make s’mores

2. Plant a garden

3. Go for a bike ride

4. Sleep outside

5. Go to the beach or lake

6. Go fishing

7. Go on a picnic

8. Play at the pool

9. Run through the sprinklers

10. Watch fireworks

11. Tie dye t-shirts

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12. Make homemade popsicles

13. Have a BBQ

14. Eat snow cones

15. Wear a temporary tattoo

16. Dance party

17. Build a fort

18. Make Lemonade

19. Go to a fair or theme park

20. Go to the farmer’s market

21. Take a hike

22. Have a sleepover

23. Game night

24. Water balloon fight

25. Outdoor movie night

26. Temporary hair color

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27. Attend a sporting event

28. Go to the zoo

29. Play mini golf

30. Ride on a jet ski

31. Ride a boat or kayak

32. Ride a horse

family summer bucket list ideas

33. Make homemade ice cream

34. Pick berries at a farm

35. Set up a scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends

36. Volunteer at a food bank

37. Make friendship bracelets

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38. Light sparklers or fireworks

39. Fly a kite

40. Collect sea shells

41. Eat watermelon

42. Eat ice cream from an ice cream truck

43. Bake cookies for friends

44. Have a no-screen day

45. Catch fireflies, butterflies, or grasshoppers

46. Visit a state park or nature preserve

47. Have a pajama day

48. Go geocaching

49. Go to a splash pad

50. Help a neighbor weed or mow their lawn

51. Play freeze tag

52. Have an outdoor movie night

53. Go to the local library

54. Build a sandcastle

55. Play with sidewalk chalk

56. Watch a shooting star

57. Play a family board game

58. Make a fruit smoothie

59. Blow bubbles

60. Skip stones at a lake

family summer bucket list ideas

61. Look for shapes in the clouds

62. Build a fort

63. Write a comic book

64. Play soccer

65. Watch a parade

66. Make playdough

Need a playdough recipe? Read: Easy Homemade Playdough

67. Visit grandparents

68. Host a play date

69. Build your own pizza night

70. Make homemade root beer (or root beer floats)

71. Make homemade popsicles

72. Build a bird feeder

73. Make a suncatcher

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74. Hold a paper airplane contest

75. Build an obstacle course

76. Plant flowers

77. Make your own bath bombs

78. Paint rocks

79. Wash the car

80. Play hopscotch

81. Go to a flea market

82. Play paintball

83. Try a new food

84. Go tubing

85. Feed ducks

86. Build a fairy garden

87. Pick wildflowers

88. Go on a nature walk

Read: Create a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

89. Play night games

90. Hula hoop

91. Go roller skating

92. Make your own candy

93. Do a fun run

family summer bucket list ideas

94. Look at old family photos

95. Make messy art outdoors

96. Watch the sunset

97. Go camping

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98. Go bowling

99. Visit an animal shelter

100. Get food from a food truck

101. Do a science experiment

102. Bury a time capsule

103. Make a water table

104. Play with water beads. I’m getting these large water beads for my kids this summer!

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105. Make slime

What are you going to do with your family this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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family summer bucket list ideas

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