fall family favorites

Fall Family Favorites

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The leaves are turning vibrant shades of gold and the air is starting to take on a crisp edge. Fall is here. While I’m not one who pines away waiting for fall to come, I can appreciate it when it’s here. One of the things I love most about fall is that it forces my family together to spend time in each other’s company.

I’d love to share a few fall family favorites that not only bring us closer together but also add an extra layer of magic to this special time of year.

Family Board Games and Puzzles

As the nights grow longer, one of our fall family favorites is gathering around a board game or working on a puzzle becomes a cherished tradition in our household. When it’s too dark to play outside anymore, we love playing games and doing puzzles. These are two that I’m looking forward to doing this fall.

Outdoor Adventure Blanket

Our family loves being outdoors in the fall. The fall leaves are beautiful, and the weather is typically nice enough to want to spend many hours outdoors. One of the ways we do this is by having the right supplies. Equipped with plenty of food or snacks, an insulated thermos, and at least one cozy blanket, we embark on family adventures. This blanket is also perfect for those chilly football games we like to watch!

Being outdoors is one of our family’s favorite ways to spend time together in the fall. Check out our Free Fall Scavenger Hunt here.

DIY Craft Kits for Creative Bonding

We love crafts in the fall! Getting creative is a wonderful way to spend quality time as a family. Fall-themed DIY craft kits provide all the necessary materials for creating beautiful keepsakes. Our family has recently gotten into diamond painting and we’ll be working on this big one, but these tiny leaf ones would be cute too!

Cooking and Baking Tools for Family Kitchen Adventures

Baking is a huge part of fall in our family. With four kids (three of which are boys), our family loves to create fun food together. I’m excited for baked skillet cookies topped with ice cream! We love doing this in addition to a game night.

Cozy Family Reading

Reading together is a big part of our family time. But reading together as it becomes fall is even better. We switch on the fireplace. Load up with books about autumn, and pull out our favorite blankets. Snuggling together with a hot cup of cocoa and getting lost in a good story is a simple way to spend quality time. It encourages a love for reading and togetherness.

Fall is a time for family togetherness. A little thoughtfulness and effort now can have you enjoying your family all season long!

Need more family activities? Grab our Free Family Checklist below or check out our Epic Fall Bucket List for Families!


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