easy april fools day pranks

30 Easy April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

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April Fools Day is a time of fun and mischief! Kids especially love to get involved in the pranks that can be found on this day. Here are 30 easy April Fools Day pranks for kids to do.

How to pull an Easy prank

Pulling off the perfect prank can be a fun and memorable experience for both you and your friends. To ensure that your prank is successful, follow these essential steps:

  • Choose the right target: Make sure the person you’re pranking has a good sense of humor and won’t be upset or offended by your prank. It should be all in good fun and not hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • Pick the perfect prank: Think of an idea that is funny, creative, and harmless. Remember, the goal is to make people laugh, not to cause any harm or damage. You could consider classic pranks such as the whoopee cushion, fake bugs, or even the classic “nose on the doorbell” trick.
  • Plan and prepare: Make sure you have all the necessary materials and plan the best time and location for the prank. Timing is everything! If you’re working with a group of friends, assign roles and make sure everyone knows their part in the prank.
  • Be sneaky: While setting up your prank, remain quiet and avoid drawing attention to yourself. The element of surprise is key to a successful prank!
  • Capture the moment: If possible, have someone record the prank or capture photos of the reaction. This will serve as a fun memory to look back on and share with friends.
  • Know when to reveal: Depending on the prank, it’s important to know when to reveal that it was all just a joke. You don’t want the prank to go on for too long or become uncomfortable for the person being pranked.
  • Safety first: Always make sure that your prank is safe and won’t cause any harm or danger to the person being pranked or anyone else involved. A good prank is fun for everyone, and nobody should get hurt.

Remember, the key to a successful prank is to make everyone involved smile and laugh, so choose your prank wisely and have fun!

Easy April Fools Day Pranks For Kids

Here are our favorite easy April Fool’s Day pranks:

easy april fools day pranks

Vinegar ice cubes

Make ice cubes from white vinegar. They’ll freeze looking just like water, but when dropped in a drink, will taste like vinegar.

Soy sauce soda

Offer someone a drink of soda like cola, and instead pour in soy sauce.

Toothpaste Oreos

Take some Oreo cookies and spread white toothpaste over the sandwich part and re-assemble them. Offer them to family or friends.

Funny pictures

Swap all the pictures in the house with funny pictures of celebrities or cartoon characters.

Switch The Salt & Sugar

This one requires switching the labels of salt and sugar containers so when someone goes to add sugar they get an unexpected surprise!

Broken light switches

Tape all the light switches in the house with clear tape so that the switch is “broken”.

Bubble Wrap

April Fools prank classic, this one requires placing bubble wrap on the toilet seat before your victim uses it so they get quite a startle once they sit down! You can also put bubble wrap under rugs or cushions to surprise people.

Googley Eyes

Add peel-and-stick googly eyes to EVERYTHING!

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Make someone’s shoes shrink

Stuff the toes of shoes with cotton balls or socks to make it seem like they don’t fit.

Switch the Clocks

Change all the clocks ahead by 15 minutes!

Jello Juice

Make Jello in a flavor that looks like juice. Pour it into a glass and place in the refrigerator until it’s time to “drink”. When they go to drink the juice, nothing will come out.

Out of shampoo

Put a small piece of plastic wrap under the lid of the shampoo. Whoever is taking a shower will be able to feel the shampoo in the bottle, but it won’t come out.

Fake Spider Web In A Shower Or Sink

This one is simple but effective – take some cotton balls and glue them around the drain in either a sink or shower, giving off the illusion of a spider web surrounding it! 

Turn everything upside down

This could include pictures in picture frames, artwork, even chairs and tables. Just be careful not to break anything!

Freeze The Soap In Water

Fill up an old dish soap container with water and freeze it overnight – your victim will have quite the surprise when they try to use it!

Fake alarms

Set several fake alarms on someone’s cellphone, microwave, or bedside alarm clock.

Draw On Fruits With Edible Markers

Surprise your family with this trick – take some fruits (apples work great!) and draw funny faces or designs with edible markers onto them before serving breakfast that morning!

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Tape Over A Remote Control Sensor or remove the batteries

Another classic April Fools prank – place tape over any remote control sensors so when someone tries to use it nothing happens as usual. Or, simply remove the batteries so the remote doesn’t work.

Water Bottle Prank

Fill an empty water bottle with juice and replace the lid back on. When someone takes a sip from the bottle, they’ll be in for a surprise!

Fake Insects

Place realistic-looking fake insects around the house or even in someone’s lunchbox for an unexpected surprise! Get these ones from Amazon!

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Salty Rice Krispies Treats

Add extra salt in your regular rice krispies treats recipe for an unexpected salty taste!

Spicy Popcorn

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper onto popcorn before popping it so that unsuspecting eaters get quite a surprise when snacking on their favorite treat!

Cracked phone screen

Download a cracked screen photo or app and trick friends or parents into believing you cracked your phone. You can even grab a sticker to put right over your phone screen.

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Soap trick

Paint the outside of a bar of soap with clear fingernail polish. When your family tries to use it, it won’t work.

Bad news

Tell your parents some kind of bad news with a straight face. Like, “I failed a class.”

Autocorrect fail

Change the autocorrect in someone’s phone to something ridiculous.

Change the milk

Turn the milk a different color with food coloring.

Joking toilet paper

Use a marker to write funny jokes on the toilet paper and then roll it back up.

Make faux foods

Make meatloaf cupcakes and “frost” them with mashed potatoes.

Toilet paper a bedroom

Choose one (or more) siblings to prank by toilet papering their bedrooms.

Playing pranks can be a hilarious and entertaining way for kids to bond with their friends and family. Remember, the key to a great prank is ensuring that it’s light-hearted, harmless, and brings laughter to everyone involved. Don’t forget to keep safety and feelings in mind, because the ultimate goal is to spread joy and create cherished memories. With these playful tricks up your sleeve, you and your friends are sure to have an uproarious time filled with giggles and fun surprises. So go ahead, unleash your inner prankster and let the games begin! Just be prepared to get pranked in return, as the quest for laughter never truly ends. Happy pranking!

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easy april fools day pranks

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