cleaning schedule for working moms

Creating a Simple cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

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As a working mom, it can be difficult to find time to clean your home. Between work, taking care of the kids, and running errands, there often isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. This is where having a cleaning schedule for working moms comes in handy! Let’s talk about how to create a cleaning schedule that works for you (not your mom or cousin’s neighbor). We’ll also include tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and get the most important things done!

Cleaning schedule for working moms

As a working mom, you don’t have a lot of time. Kids, work projects, errands, and the never ending list of kids extracurriculars keep you busy! Having a cleaning schedule can help you stay organized and on top of things. Here’s how to create a cleaning schedule that works for you:

cleaning schedule for working moms

Evaluate the time of day

You are going to be more “ready” to clean during certain parts of the day. Really sit down to think about where you can fit in a bit of extra cleaning. Pull out a piece of paper and write down when you have extra time? It doesn’t need to be a long time either! 5 minutes here or there can really add up! Fitting in tasks at certain times of the day can really make your cleaning routine move more smoothly too.


This is as good time to think about how your morning is structured. If you have a minute in the mornings, choose a few high-priority chores to knock out early in the day. For example: making the bed or doing the dishes. These can be done in the morning so that you can start your day with a clean slate. I love having a freshly made bed and a sink free of dirty dishes! This might also be prime time to squeeze in meal prep for dinner later in the day.


Most of us have a bit more time in the evenings. This can be a great time for deep cleaning, like vacuuming or mopping. This can also be a good time to tackle any laundry that needs to be done.

Before bed

I know you are tired, but in the evening carve out some time to do a quick tidy-up of the house. Do this every day! This can include things like straightening up the living room or wiping down the counters. I like to start my dishwasher so it’ll be ready to empty in the morning.

How long will this take?

When you are already maxed for time, you don’t want to spend every free minute cleaning. The goal is to create a schedule that is realistic and will fit into your busy life. If all you have is 15 minutes in the morning, 15 in the evening, and 15 before bed, those minutes will add up!

Daily cleaning session

Having a set of chores you do every day will help your home stay clean. It will also make deep cleaning sessions go more quickly. Here are some ideas of things you can do each day:

–Make the bed

–Regular decluttering

–One load of laundry

–Wipe down counters

–Dishes, unload in the morning and load/start a new load in the evening

–Meal prep

Weekly cleaning session

Certain chores don’t need to be completed every day. They may also take more time than you’ll have on a typical day. These are things you can include in a weekly cleaning session. Things such as:

-Wipe down appliances

-Vacuum or mop floors

-Dust furniture

-Clean the bathroom (sink, toilet, shower, and mirror)

–Kitchen deep clean

–Wash sheets/towels

Monthly cleaning tasks

Once a month, schedule in a day to complete a few once a month cleaning tasks. This could include chores such as:

–Cleaning cobwebs from the the ceiling

–Wiping light fixtures

–Wiping baseboards

–Washing dirty door trim

–Wiping/dusting blinds and windowsills

–Wipe shelves and drawers in fridge and freezer

–Clean the oven

–Pantry tune up (organize, wipe shelves)

— Clean under the sofa and bed

Using a printable cleaning schedule

A printable cleaning schedule is a great way to organize your cleaning tasks. You can find a variety of different schedules online, or you can create your own. This will help ensure that everything gets done and that you are using your time efficiently! Grab ours below!

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    Tips for Scheduling your cleaning:

    A little every day adds up. At least that’s what I tell myself when I take a few minutes to clean every evening. And it’s true! If you can’t find time for a full cleaning session, try to break it down into smaller tasks that can be completed in a short amount of time.

    The most important thing is that you are scheduling your cleaning. If you wait until you have a moment to clean, that will never happen!

    Start slowly

    Following a cleaning schedule doesn’t come easy to most of us. But that is especially true for working moms who don’t have a lot of time. As you get started, take it slow. If all you can do is one thing every night, start with that. Don’t push yourself to accomplish all the things all at once. You will get overwhelmed and give up.

    Create a routine

    One way to make following a cleaning schedule easier is to create a routine. This could include things like doing the dishes every night after dinner or vacuuming every Saturday morning. If you have a set routine, it will be easier to stick to your schedule!

    cleaning schedule for working moms

    Use a timer

    When you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, use a timer. This will help you focus on the task at hand and not get sidetracked. Set the timer for 15 or 30 minutes and see how much you can accomplish in that time!

    I use this technique for both my kids, and myself. Sometimes all you need is a quick push for the first 10 minutes, and then you’ll have enough momentum to carry through for longer. Other times, that timer will go off and you’ll gladly plop onto the couch for a break.

    Declutter first

    It’s pretty hard to clean anything when it’s cluttered. So your first step should always be to declutter first. This will make the cleaning process go much more quickly.

    The problem with clutter though, is that it can feel overwhelming to tackle. So instead of cleaning, you stare at that clutter and feel overwhelmed. I’m going to give you permission right now to set aside that clutter in a box if you need. Set it aside to go through when you are watching a movie or something. Now you are ready to clean!

    Create a priorities list

    I will be the first to tell you that it is impossible to do it all! Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, just get clear on what matters most in your home. Sit down and make a list of the top five things that will drive you batty if they are not clean.

    For me, that list includes: Dishes, laundry, wiping kitchen counters, picking up toys nightly, and making my bed. Those five things are my goal every day. If I all I have time for is finishing those five cleaning tasks, I can feel at peace in my home. Make your own list and remind yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed that all you need to do is your top five cleaning tasks.

    cleaning schedule for working moms

    Recruit your kids and spouse

    It can sometimes be a lot of work to push your kids or partner to do chores. But, it’s important to encourage your family to help with household chores. Not only does it take some of the pressure of you and your time, but it will teach them how to take care of themselves.

    A great way to do this without feeling naggy is to create a chore chart that your kids can follow. If you have a partner, sit down and have a real conversation about how to create a partnership where both of you are contributing to cleaning the house.

    Not sure what your kids can do? Read: Kids Chores By Age

    Make Cleaning enjoyable and easy

    There are several things you can do to make cleaning more enjoyable and easier. In our home, we use some of the following things to make cleaning time enjoyable and easy.

    –Music. Nothing gets me more jazzed about doing chores than a good playlist. Put on your favorite tunes and crank them up while you work. I like to play music every night as I’m doing dishes. It just puts me in the mood to get stuff done.

    –Give yourself a quick win. Chose a chore that you can accomplish in five minutes or less. This will help you get started and give you a win when you don’t want to clean.

    –Cleaning cards or sticks! My kids love having cards that help them visualize what they need to do. We’ve also used sticks like these in the past.

    –Cleaning caddy. Do you have a cleaning caddy? Chores are so much easier to get done when you have all the right tools at your fingertips. Put together a caddy or even just a bucket with all the cleaning supplies and tools you’ll need to accomplish a certain job. You can even create a cleaning caddy per room so that every time your son cleans the bathroom, he has all that he needs at his fingertips.

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    Make time for it

    This might seem like a bummer, but you have to make time to clean. If you can’t get a handle on keeping your house clean, you might need to make more time for it. This might include:

    –getting up earlier

    –taking a break during your work day

    –doing chores while you watch TV at night

    –saying no to extra activities or events (within reason, you don’t have to be Cinderella!)

    The bottom line is that if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way to make time for it. Just be honest with yourself and be clear about what you want in your home.

    Clean as you go

    Begin today by making a conscious effort to clean as you go. Some people refer to this as the one minute rule. If it will take less than one minute to clean it up, do it then and there. This includes putting away your dishes as soon as you’re done with them, picking up your toys before bed, and folding your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer.

    Not only will this help keep your home from getting too cluttered, but it will also help you stay organized. And that’s a huge plus in my book!

    Cleaning isn’t all or nothing. It’s cumulative. It all adds up. Even just a few minutes here or there.

    Set alarms to remind you

    When you are a mom who also works, you have a lot on your plate. It’s easy to forget about cleaning. One thing that helps me is setting reminders on my phone. This could be an alarm to go off every day at a certain time reminding you to do your daily chores, or it could be something that goes off once a week reminding you to do your weekly chores.

    Hire help if needed

    If you can afford it, and you can’t seem to get on top of keeping your house clean, there is no shame in hiring help. There are many great companies out there that offer housecleaning services. This can be a weekly or monthly service, and it will take the load off of you so you can focus on more important things.

    Reward yourself

    When you finish a task, or when you complete your weekly or monthly cleaning checklist, reward yourself! This could be something as simple as taking a break for a few minutes, reading your favorite book, watching your favorite show, or even taking a nap. Just make sure that the reward is something that you enjoy and will help motivate you to keep going.

    So, these are some tips and tricks that have worked for me when it comes to keeping my house clean. I hope they help you as well! Remember, it’s not all or nothing. You don’t have to accomplish everything in one day. Just take it one step at a time and be patient with yourself. And most importantly, have fun with it! After all, cleaning your house should not be a chore, it should be something that you enjoy. 🙂

    Happy Cleaning! 🙂

    cleaning schedule for working moms

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