battered French fries

Battered French Fries

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battered French fries
Battered French Fries

When I was growing up my family didn’t eat out often. There were eight of us kids, so anytime we needed meals on the go, my mom would make what I like to call, the “sandwich loaf”. She would take a loaf of bread and carefully assemble lunchmeat sandwiches. Once assembled, the sandwiches were stacked back into the bread bag for travel. It was a filling and inexpensive option for a big family in a hurry. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I ate a restaurant meal with my parents in my younger years. It was in college that I truly discovered how much I love French fries. More specifically, battered French fries. Sorry mom, it might be cheaper but it’s hard to compare a sandwich loaf to battered French fries.

I was making hamburgers last week and had planned to make some baked potato logs as a side. Simple, but in the moment, I was headed for practicality over finesse. That was, until Ryan came home from work early. He saw what I was doing and told me to stop. Right. Now. He wanted something with a little more “umph”. So, I let him take over.  I finished making hamburgers while he whipped up these battered French fries. They have the perfect amount of crisp.  They are seasoned and salted with just the right stuff. These are the type of fries that you could eat without condiments.

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Battered French fry tips

I know you’ll be tempted to skip rinsing and microwaving your potatoes. Don’t! It pulls a lot of the starch out of your potatoes and makes it possible for them to cook to that perfect level of crispness.

Battered potatoes, ready to fry.

After rinsing, don’t worry about patting the potatoes dry. The batter will stick without the extra work of drying them off first. Enjoy!

How do you love your French fries? Battered? With extra ketchup? Cajun style? Try these and let me know how you like them.

4 thoughts on “Battered French Fries”

  1. Hi there, this sounds similar to a recipe I grew up with over 50 yrs, ago. My aunt ran a restaurant, Southern Cooking, and would peel, cut, rinse, and place in a 5 gal container, old lard kind, and fill with water and let it sit overnight in a frig. And would have enough for a full day of service, most day’s. I thought maybe that is why such a very long time frame for your prep and cooking? I thought maybe you were soaking the taters overnight? 15 hour’s is a very long time! So, i figured, you meant minutes 😉 It’s been a very long time, since I have had her fries. I will try your recipe. Sounds wonderful 🤗

    1. That’s a great question! I’ve never tried freezing them before. Potatoes don’t always freeze well, so I probably wouldn’t try it. But if you are feeling brave you could try freezing a small amount and see how it does! Best of luck!

      1. I tried it and it worked pretty well! Single layer on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper so they didn’t stick to each other or the pan. Not sure how long it would be advisable to store them frozen, but overnight wasn’t bad at all.

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