Hi, I’m Patricia, And I’m On A Mission To Help Mom’s Make Family Time A Priority!

Years ago, someone told me that someday I would have a marvelous family. And I do. It was hard fought. My husband Ryan and I experienced a half-decade of infertility. But, we went on to build our family via adoption and IVF.

Today, we have four children (including twins). Sometimes I look around at the chaos and pinch myself. For so many years I wanted to be a mom. I did everything I could to prepare for my someday family, and still, nothing could have prepared me. My children exhaust me. They are messy and loud and crazy. On very rare occasions, I even wish I could run away (at least for a few days). But most of the time, I just try to soak in every second with my marvelous family. They are magic. I love it all. The dirty fingers, silly songs, and peels of laughter. I can’t believe these people are mine.

I’m a former family educator. I also have 7 siblings, which means I’ve had the chance to observe a lot of families, both personally and professionally. And I’ve learned one very important thing that applies to ALL families.

Strong families don’t just happen! They are built. One minute at a time.

I am here because I believe that the minutes we spend with our families add up to more than just hours. They add up to love, connection, and strong families. I want to help you build your own marvelous family. It’s my hope that the content you find here can help you do just that.

You’ve got this!