Hello! I’m Patricia. Welcome to my little slice of the internet. Years ago, someone told me that someday I would have a marvelous family. And I do. I married Ryan, my next door neighbor during my senior year in college, and the hunkiest man alive. He asked me to marry him on our first official date after knowing each other for nearly two years. Amazingly, I said yes.

Together, we’ve experienced a half-decade of infertility, adopted our oldest son in an open adoption, survived having three kids two and under, learned to budget a small income during a year-long job loss, and remodeled two pre-foreclosure homes.

Today, we have four children (including twins). Sometimes I look around at the chaos and pinch myself. For so many years I wanted to be a mom. I did everything I could to prepare for my someday family, and still, nothing could have prepared me. My children exhaust me. They are messy and loud and crazy. On very rare occasions, I even wish I could run away (at least for a few days). But most of the time, I just try to soak in every second with my marvelous family. They are magic. I love it all. The dirty fingers, silly songs, and peels of laughter. I can’t believe these people are mine.

I’m imperfect. Sometimes I yell (even though I try not to). My house isn’t always clean. We don’t always spend our money in the best way possible. But, I’m always trying. I love all things family. I love it so much that I received my master’s degree in Family Studies. Afterward, I taught university courses on the family for nearly six years. I’m always learning. Follow along as I share the best of what I learn in this thing called motherhood.