$5 stocking stuffer ideas

The Best $5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas (more than 100 ideas!)

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Finding the perfect stocking stuffer can be a challenge. Not to mention that filling a stocking can get expensive, especially when you are have multiple stockings to fill. Getting inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas might even feel totally out of reach. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s talk about some of our favorite $5 stocking stuffer ideas to add to your Christmas list! Whether your loved ones are into toys or tools, we have something for them. So sit back and relax while we show you some of our best ideas!

Using Stockings to Your Advantage

Stockings can feel like a chore, they are the non-present, presents. However, stocking stuffers can actually be really useful! Instead of grabbing cheap toys or trinkets that won’t last long and will get forgotten, why not choose something useful instead? In our family, stocking stuffers include things that we normally need (like toothbrushes or hair gel) but a more fun version. For example, instead of just getting normal toothbrushes, we grab battery powered toothbrushes for the kids. It’s a great way to get what your family already needs, while still having fun with it!

Don’t get junk

Don’t buy junk just for the sake of filling a stocking! Instead, grab things that are useful and will actually get used. From toys to tools, we have something for every type of person on your Christmas list. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Our $5 stocking Stuffer Ideas

$5 stocking stuffer ideas

A price point of $5 or less might seem impossible, but it’s actually quite easy to find several great items with this budget. Here are some of the things we love:

*Disclaimer: I’ve tried my best to stick to a $5 budget with all these suggestions. In a few cases, I’ve included items that are over that budget, but within just a few dollars. Please also note that prices can change over time. At the time of this posting, all the ideas included in this list were within a few dollars of $5. I’ve also included a few more expensive set’s that could be broken down between several stockings. These will be noted.

Gift cards

Gift cards can be a fun stocking stuffer for older kids, teenagers, and adults! Put one in a fun box or envelope if you want to dress it up a bit. Or, just slip one into their stocking and let them choose what they spend the money on.

Amazon Gift Cards

Drink Gift Cards



Small games are the perfect addition to any stocking! They are great for kids and adults alike. You can even find fun travel games, like Sudoku or crossword puzzles, that are small enough to fit into a stocking.

Christmas Mad Libs

Travel games

Go Fish

Word Search


Deck of cards


Tools are another great addition to a stocking! Whether your loved ones need small tools for simple household tasks, or full-sized tools that they can use on the go, you’ll find something perfect. Here’s our $5 tool ideas:





Tape measure


Pocket knife





Luggage tags

Seat belt cutter

11 tools in one

Car coasters

Magnetic wristband

Car air freshener

Things To Wear

There are tons of fun, small accessories that you can add to a stocking! From hats and scarves to jewelry and wristbands, your family will love these ideas.





Winter hat

Sleep mask


Hand warmer


Of course, stocking stuffers aren’t just for adults! There are plenty of fun toys that your family will love. They might even be a bit surprising at how much fun they have with these small gifts.

Puzzles and brain teasers–this pack is more than $5, but could easily be broken down into several stockings!

Coloring books

Glow sticks

Lego minifigures—if your kids love Legos, this pack of 10 could easily be broken down into more than one stocking!

Play-doh–again, buy these in a large pack and break it down or get them individually at most stores for under $5! You can even DIY this gift with our playdough recipe here.

Bath toys

Baby chew toys

Rubix cube

Silly putty

Kinetic sand–again, grab it as a multi-pack and break it down or get just one in most stores for under $5.


Matchbox cars

Sidewalk chalk

Jump rope


Art Supplies

Art supplies can also make great stocking stuffers! Your family will love drawing, coloring, painting, or crafting with these fun stocking stuffer gifts.


Colored pencils

Glitter glue pens

Paint palette


Acrylic paint set


Notebooks–grab a few of these during back to school sales!

Scratch art pages

Scented markers

Washi craft tape

Stickers for tablets/computers/water bottles

Food Items

Stocking stuffers should always include novelty treats and snacks! Everyone will love getting a little something extra to eat in their stockings. Growing up, we always had an apple, orange, nuts, and plenty of candy in our stockings! Here are a few of our favorites!

Gummy bears


Candy/chocolate bars

Small bags of chips or crackers



Nuts–we always had to shell our own nuts from our stockings when I was a kid. These packs look so much easier!



Hot chocolate


Gum–this 4 pack would be so fun, just separate to make it less than $5 each!

Kitchen Items

It’s always nice to have a few little kitchen gadgets, so why not include them in your stocking stuffers?! These small items will make cooking and baking a bit more fun.

Kitchen timer

Reusable Straws

Cookie cutters

Cupcake wrappers

Dish towels

Popsicle or ice cube molds

Knife sharpener

Mini vase

Shopping list notepads

Beauty and Hygiene Supplies

Picking up a few of the hygiene supplies below is a great way to fill up a stocking with things that you already know you’ll have to buy eventually. Plus, they make great gifts for both kids and adults!


Shampoo & conditioner

Body lotion or cream

Toothbrush/toothpaste–one of my boys is getting this toothbrush this year!


Lip balm

Razors (men’s or women’s)

Nail clippers



Dry shampoo

Fun bandaids

Temporary tattoos


Cosmetic sponges

Bubble bath–this bubble bath bomb looks amazing!

Scalp massager

Compact mirror

Bath bombs–get one set and break it down for several stockings to get that $5 (or under) cost!


Hand sanitizer

Stick on nails/nail polish

Hair clips

Makeup remover wipes

Kids toothpaste

Lip gloss /chapstick–my boys would flip over this lip gloss!

Toothbrush dispenser–this is more of a gift for you than your kids! Our kids got one last year and it has saved us so much toothpaste this past year! We love it! Sometimes you can get these for close to $5, so watch the sales!

Electronics and Accessories

When it comes to stocking stuffers, you can never go wrong with some small tech or accessories. From smartphone and tablet covers to batteries and portable chargers, your family will love these little gifts.



Phone charging cables–buy a multi pack and split between stockings if you can to get that cost down to $5!

Cord holders

Pet Stockings

In addition to human stocking stuffers, don’t forget the four-legged members of your family! These gifts are a great way to spoil your furry friends.

Dog toys


Pet treats

Homemade treats

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers for yourself or your loved ones, there are plenty of great ideas out there that won’t cost you a lot. From puzzles and brain teasers to art supplies and food items, there is something for everyone on this list! So why not pick up a few of these budget-friendly gifts and fill up your stocking this holiday season?

$5 stocking stuffer ideas

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