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100+ Non-Toy Gifts for Kids That They’ll Actually Love

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Looking for some great gift ideas that aren’t toys? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will be discussing over 100 different gifts that kids will love. These non toy gifts for kids are perfect for any occasion, and they range from practical to fun and everything in between. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, we have you covered!

Useful gifts

Not every gift has to be frivolous and fun. Sometimes, it’s the useful gifts that kids will appreciate the most. Here are some great gift ideas that fall into this category:

non toy gifts for kids


My kids went bonkers when they got watches for Christmas one year! They have loved and used them often. These are a couple of the watches we did for our kids.

Alarm clock

This is a great gift for kids who are starting to stay up later or need to wake up early for school. Our oldest son has loved being able to see the time from his bed.


A new backpack is always appreciated, especially if your child’s current one is falling apart.

Twinkle lights

Perfect for their bedroom, these are so cozy and make any room feel more inviting. My daughter loves these lights. They are adjustable and have a remote with several options.


A flashlight is always handy to have, especially during power outages. This girls flashlight is adorable!


Older tweens and teens will appreciate their own set of tools to use around the house.

Pocket knife

This is a great gift for kids who love being outdoors. All of my boys have begged for their own pocket knives, but even my daughter would get excited about this pocket knife.


Perfect for family vacations or even just a trip to grandma’s house!

Piggy bank

A great way to teach kids about saving up their money.


Let them learn a bit more responsibility by gifting them their own wallet.


No one likes being caught in the rain without an umbrella!


This is a great gift for kids who are trying to learn how to stay organized. This calendar is fun because kids can use it again and again!

Fun sheets or blankets

This is probably something that you don’t even think about, but kids love getting new things for their bedrooms!

Hammock or hammock chair

These are so cozy and relaxing. My kids love spending time in our hammock on summer evenings.

Bean bag chair

Our boys have a bean bag chair in their room and it’s the perfect place to cuddle right before bed. You can even get this bean bag chair that let your kids store their stuffies inside!

Walkie talkies

Use them on road trips, or just send one with your kid when they are playing down the block so you can call them home at dinnertime!

Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot

Our kids love these for playing music and podcasts! They would flip over this one!


A journal is a great gift for kids who love to write. It’s also a nice way for them to keep track of their thoughts and feelings. Need more ideas for the perfect journal? Read: The Best Journals for Kids


This is a great gift for kids who love to write letters or draw pictures. Get it personalized to make it even more special.


My daughter begged and begged for a desk in her room. She loves having a place for her art and homework.

Educational savings account or open a savings account

Not the most exciting gift on this list, but someday your child will be grateful you took the time to save something for them!

Toy box

Make toy clean up a breeze with a toy box for your child’s room.

Weighted blanket

These are so cozy and can be really helpful for kids with anxiety or sensory processing disorder.

Portable charger

Great for kids, tweens, and teens who need a little extra power on the go!

Blue tooth speaker

These are perfect for kids who love music.

Polaroid camera

Instant gratification is the best! Kids will love taking pictures with their very own Polaroid camera. My daughter has this same camera and it is delightful to see what she chooses to snap pictures of! 🙂


Every kid needs a good pair of headphones.

Night light

Perfect for kids who are afraid of the dark.

Water bottle

Make sure your kid stays hydrated with a new water bottle.

Laundry hamper

Useful for you and for them! There are so many cute laundry hampers that can make this a fun gift!

Wall stickers

Let them decorate their walls in a easy minimal-commitment way!

Kids planner

This is great for kids who are trying to learn how to stay organized.

Luggage tag

This is a great gift for kids who love to travel.


A great gift for kids who love hot cocoa or tea.


Toiletries can make a great gift for kids! Especially when you are picking items that are out of the ordinary or fun. The following toiletry gift ideas can make kids feel loved while also filling a real need!

non toy gifts for kids


It may not seem like a “fun” gift, but diapers are expensive and your 12-month-old won’t care what they are unwrapping as long as it has a box!

Potty training supplies

If you have a little one who is in the process of potty training, this a great chance to get them excited with some new supplies. This toilet seat was a lifesaver when our son was potty training! No dealing with extra potty chairs or seats!

Toiletry bag

My daughter loves having a toiletry bag when we travel. She likes to put all of her own little things inside.

Bubble bath

Bubble baths are always a hit in our house!

Bath bombs

These are so much fun for kids (and adults!) My kids always feel like it’s a special treat when they have a bath bomb during bathtime!

Body wash or soap

There are so many fun body washes and soaps for kids on the market now.

Hair accessories

Girls love getting new hair accessories. You can get them something simple like a headband or some new hair clips.

Nail polish

Another great gift for girls. Plus it’s easy to duplicate over and over until they have all the colors they love!

Fun bandaids

Bandaids are a must in any household with kids. But you can also find some fun ones that have characters on them or are sparkly! These Pokemon bandaids are going to make it into my boys stockings this year!

Electric toothbrushes

Every Christmas our kids get a new electric toothbrush in their stocking! They love them and it helps with getting them excited about brushing their teeth.

Lip gloss

A great gift for girls of all ages! My daughter has this exact lip gloss!


Older girls and tweens might appreciate getting their own perfume. Just be sure to get one with a light scent and give them a lesson on how (and how much) to apply!

Hair gel

Another great stocking stuffer for boys! It’s something you need to buy anyway, but it always feels fun to get something new!


Clothing makes a great gift for kids of any age! Everyone loves feeling excited about new clothing! Just make sure you are getting the right sizes before your buy! Here’s a few ideas:

non toy gifts for kids


Who doesn’t love a cute onesie on a baby? And they go through so many of them! They are always needed.


Pajamas are always a hit! You can find some really cute sets for kids.


You can never have too many socks! Especially when they are as fun as these.


There are so many cute towels for kids! My kids are partial to towels that have hoods but even just getting a large bath sheet can feel nice!

Hat and gloves

A great gift for kids who live in a cold climate. Just make sure you know what size they need.

Snow pants

It’s easy to forget that kids need snow pants until it snows! So if you live in a place where it snows, this is a great gift to have on hand.


A must for any kid who loves the sun! Just make sure you get ones that fit well and provide good UV protection.

Jewelry and jewelry box

A great gift for girls of all ages! Just make sure you get age-appropriate jewelry. We have this one at our house and it’s been well-loved.

Special outfit

A new or special outfit can make kids feel loved and special. You don’t need a special event to spoil them!


A great gift for girls who like to play dress up or carry around a lip gloss or two!


You might get an eye roll, but you can’t replace a broken noggin!


Got a kid who can never keep their pants up? A belt will help! These magnetic ones look amazing!


Great for keeping feet warm in cooler months!


There are so many cute hats for kids! You can find them to match any style. My boys would love this hat!

Hobby gifts

Childhood is a great time for trying new things! Hobby gifts make learning a new skill easy and fun! Try these gift ideas:

non toy gifts for kids


For the kid who loves nature and being outdoors. Great for birdwatching and hiking.


A must-have for any budding artist! These scissors make all sorts of shapes as you cut!


My kids can go through rolls and rolls of tape! We love getting these washi tapes for our crafts!


Because what kid doesn’t love stickers?!? These stickers can be used for water bottles and laptops too!

Sports equipment

From baseball mitts to ballet shoes, sports equipment can get expensive! Use gifting as a way to offset these costs!

Camping equipment

If your kids love being outdoors, camping equipment is a great gift!

Musical instrument

Is your child interested in learning to play an instrument? Gifting an instrument can be a great way to start them on their musical journey!

Apron or cooking supplies/cookbook

For the budding chef in your life! This kids apron is so cute!


This is a great way to learn about plants and taking care of them.

Garden tools

If your child loves being outside, gardening tools make a great gift!

Bird feeder or bird house

Another great way to encourage kids to enjoy nature! This kit is both craft and bird feeder! Double win!

Craft supplies

From crayons to yarn, craft supplies make a great gift for any kid who loves to be creative!

Science kit

For the budding scientist in your life! These kits make learning about science fun and easy.


A great way to encourage kids to stargaze and learn about astronomy!

Fishing supplies

If your child loves being outdoors and spending time on the water, fishing supplies make a great gift!

Horseback riding lessons

Perfect for kids who love animals and being outside!

Dance classes

A great way to encourage kids to be active and have fun!

Gymnastics classes

Run, flip, twist! All of our kids have loved gymnastics! Great for kids of all ages!


This gives you a peace of mind when your child is in the water!


See what kinds of crazy things are in your own backyard with a microscope!


Fish and other aquatic animals can be so fun for kids! And it can be as inexpensive or costly as you choose! This looks like a fun and easy choice if you are looking to just get started!

Magnifying glass

For kids who love to get up close and personal with the world around them! Perfect for looking at ants, bugs, and other tiny things!

Pokemon binder

You kid already has the cards, find a way to corral them so they are strewn across the house! Our boys have these fun binders and it keeps things so much nicer!

Sheet music

Our little piano player loves getting new sheet music!


If your kid loves music, they probably have a favorite artist or band! Gifting them new music from their favorite artist is sure to make them smile!

Sewing machine

This is a great gift for kids who are interested in learning to sew! My little girl has been begging to learn how to sew and this looks like it would be the perfect way to start!


For the sewing machine or for any other craft project your kid might be working on!


Kids can knit, crochet, and weave with yarn! It’s a great way to encourage them to be creative! A kit can be an easy way to learn the basics.

Metal detector

It’s like a treasure hunt every time you go outside!

Crystal growing kit

Watch crystals grow right before your eyes with a crystal growing kit!

Slime kit

Kids love making slime! It’s a great way to encourage them to use their imagination and be creative!

Coding class, book, or kit

Get your child thinking about STEM with a coding class, book, or kit! This robot looks like a fun way to get started.

Rock tumbler

Ever wonder what a rock looks like under all the dirt and rough edges? A rock tumbler will show you!

Jewelry making supplies

For the budding jeweler in your life!

Geode kit

Kids can learn about geology and rocks with a geode kit!

Robot building kit

If you have a kid who loves building things, a robot building kit is a great gift!

Friendship bracelet kit

Great for kids who love making and giving Friendship bracelets!

How to draw books

This art book make learning new art techniques fun and easy!

Art easel

A great way to encourage kids to be creative and experiment with art!

Kinetic sand

This is a multi-sensory experience that kids love! And it’s so easy to clean up!


A classic experience gift that kids of all ages love!

Fairy garden

Do you have a little girl that loves fairies? Help her build a fairy garden with this fairy garden kit!

Cake decorating kit

Little bakers will love all the wonderful resources available to them with this cake decorating kit!

Maze book

Do you have a child who is a maze lover? This maze book would keep your child busy for hours!

Snorkeling gear

If your family spends a lot of time in the water, snorkeling gear can be a great gift for your child!

Karaoke machine

Let your child be the star of the show with a karaoke machine!


Games are a great alternative to toys as a gift for kids! They teach a ton of skills and still bring fun!

non toy gifts for kids


Puzzles are great for kids of all ages! They help with problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience! Most of our puzzles are geared towards our boys, but my daughter would love this!

Board games

A family favorite in our house is board games! They are a great way to spend time together and bond as a family! Here are a couple of our most recent family favorite games!

Card games

Card games are another great way to spend time together as a family! They are also great for kids to learn numbers, colors, and matching! We’ve been loving these games as a family.

Need more ideas for kids games? Read: 20+ Games to Play During Winter Break

For the whole family

Do you need non-toy gifts for the whole family? Here are a few ideas!

non toy gifts for kids

Swing set

A great way for the whole family to get some exercise and fresh air! Don’t want to get the entire swing set? Grab this awesome saucer swing instead.


Another great way for the whole family to get some exercise!

Picnic blanket

This is a must-have for any family that loves to spend time outdoors! This blanket is waterproof and so pretty!

Family vacation

A great way to make lasting memories!

Photo book

Compile all those fun family memories into one spot!

Family memberships

We love snagging a family membership to places our family loves to visit most. This includes the zoo, aquarium, children’s museums, and more!

Play tent

Spend time playing inside with a play tent!

Family video game

A great way to bond and have some fun together indoors!

Slip n slide

Perfect for summer afternoons in the backyard.

Experience gifts

There are so many great experience gifts for kids! Here are a few of our favorites! If you are looking for more experience gift ideas, read: The Ultimate List of 80 Experience Gifts for Kids

camping with kids

Tickets to a show, movie, or concert

Spend some one-on-one time together with your child and take them to see their favorite band, movie, or show!


Sign your child up for a cooking class, dance class, or art class!

Sports lessons

If your child is interested in a particular sport, sign them up for some lessons!

Date with mom/dad

Plan a special date with just you and your child! This can be lunch at their favorite restaurant, going to get ice cream, or seeing a movie together! Need more ideas for kids dates? Read:

Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

Mother Daughter Dates

Father Son Bonding Activities

Mother Son Date Ideas


Make your own coupons for things like: staying up an extra half hour, choosing what we have for dinner, getting a back scratch, etc. Grab our free kids coupon book here

Gift cards

Gift cards are an easy win when you are in a hurry or you are not sure what to purchase for a gift! Kids love gift cards, because most kids aren’t rolling in money. 😉

non toy gifts for kids

Restaurant gift card

Take your child to their favorite restaurant!

Movie gift card

Take your child to see their favorite movie!

Toy store gift card

Take your child to pick out a new toy (or two)!

Arcade gift card

Let your child have some fun at the arcade!


Kids love to move! Help them out with the right gear for their activities! These non-toy gifts for kids can help encourage that movement!

non toy gifts for kids

Yoga mat

Stretch and move with a yoga mat!

Basketball hoop

Shoot some hoops together as a family!

Golf clubs

If your child is interested in golf, consider getting them their own set of clubs!

Fitness tracker

This is a great gift for kids who are trying to get into shape or be more active.


Every kid needs a bike at some point!


They’ll spend so much time outside with a new scooter!

Roller blades or roller skates

Help your child learn something new with roller blades or skates.


Who doesn’t love to get fun stuff in the mail? These subscription gifts for kids will make them so excited every month!

non toy gifts for kids


A monthly cooking kit with recipes and ingredients for kids to make their own food!

Green Kid Crafts

A monthly arts and crafts kit for kids!


A monthly coding subscription for kids!

Little Passports

A monthly subscription that takes your child on “adventures” to different places around the world!


Highlight magazine, National Geographic Kids, or any other age-appropriate magazine would make a great gift for kids!

Technology Gifts

There are so many great technology gifts for kids these days! Here are a few of our favorites:

non toy gifts for kids


A great way for kids to stay entertained and keep up with their school work!


If your child is older and needs a laptop for school, this would be the perfect gift!


Every kid needs a good pair of headphones!

Video games

If your child is into video games, get them the latest and greatest game!


Does your child love movies? Get them a movie they’ve been wanting to see!

Reading and Book Gift Ideas

Any gift that encourages kids to read is a win in my book! These reading and book gift ideas are perfect for kids who love to read!

non toy gifts for kids


A great way for kids to have access to tons of books!

Bookstore gift card

Take your child to pick out some new books!

Library card

Sign your child up for their very own library card. Bonus: It’s free!

Book light

Every reader needs a book light!


Audible and other books on tape are a great way for kids to listen to their favorite books!

There are so many great non-toy gift ideas for kids! I hope this list has helped you come up with some great ideas for your own children! What are some of your favorite non-toy gifts for kids? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy gift giving!

non toy gifts for kids

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