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100 Days of School Outfits

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Does your school celebrate the 100th day of school? Ours does and it is SO fun!

The 100th day of school is a day where classrooms across the nation transform as students and beloved teachers wear outfits to celebrate the 100th day of school. Some schools encourage students to wear cleverly designed DIY ‘100’ themed t-shirts while others encourage teachers and students to dress like they are 100 years old! Get ready for some awesome 100 days of school outfits!

Why 100 days of school?

Why do schools celebrate the 100th day of school? Why not!?!

But more seriously, you’ll find that most school celebrate the 100th day of school in the younger grades, usually k-3rd grade. This is a great way to reinforce counting to 100 for that age of students! Hitting the triple-digit mark in the school year means that you are not just older, but undeniably wiser.

Planning Your 100 Days Outfit

Transforming into a walking tribute to the number 100 requires a dash of creativity and a peek at your school’s dress code. Make sure your ensemble plays by the rules while undeniably saying, ‘I am 100 days smarter!’

With school guidelines as your canvas, sketch out a masterpiece that cleverly features the day’s star—100. If there are certain guidelines for your school’s celebration, be sure to follow those guidelines!

happy 100th day of school

100 days of school t-shirt

Why not transform a plain tee into a canvas for 100 vibrant stickers or get crafty with a homemade cape adorned with 100 dazzling stars? You could also celebrate 100 days of school with hearts or googly eyes in the same way!

DIY Flair: Grab your glue gun and let your imagination run wild, crafting an outfit that’s as unique as your journey through the school year.

Educational Themes: Weave in elements from your favorite subjects. Is math your arena? Showcase 100 digits in an arithmetic-inspired pattern.

Personalized Touch: Etch your name among the 100s, because, after all, this celebration is about your growth and accomplishments. Dive headfirst into the 100th-day spirit, let those gears turn, and fashion an outfit that makes learning look good.

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Centenarian Costumes

Craft a quirky centenarian costume with a light-hearted nod to the day. Grab a pair of fake glasses, a gray haired wig, faux pearl necklace, or maybe a playful walking stick to channel the wisdom of 100 years.

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100 days of school hat ideas

Need some 100 days of school hat ideas? Some teachers like making cute hats for their students. Snag a printable hat, or get the ones below!

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Fun extras

Don fun extras to make your 100th day of school even better! A ‘I’m 100 days smarter’ badge or sash, showcasing a touch of school spirit.

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Involving Students in the Creation Process

The 100th day of school can be a great opportunity for students to unleash their creativity. Use this as a chance to practice counting to 100 as they attach 100 things to their t-shirt. The most important thing…HAVE FUN! By crafting an outfit themselves, students feel a stronger connection to the celebration, taking pride in what they’ve learned and accomplished over these first 100 days.

Take Pictures!

Grab your camera, and let’s freeze this 100-day smartness in time! If you are feeling ambitious, create a DIY photo booth right in the classroom, adorned with streamers and balloons boasting the number ‘100.’ Students and teachers, strike a pose with the fun props—glasses, silly hats, and signs exclaiming ‘100 Days Brighter!’

You’ve sewn every stitch with love, donned the gray wig, or counted out a hundred beads. Now’s the time to celebrate all that your student has learned in the last 100 days!

Enjoy this spirited school environment, where every project and celebration nurtures young minds towards achievement and joy. The handmade numbers, centenarian costumes, and school crafts have added a little fun to the school year. Here’s to the next hundred days of wonder, inspiration, and unabashed school pride.

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